Link that opens in a pop-up window
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This is a great script for using when you want to display new windows to visitors without closing the existing window.

Here's how it works.

You create a link and insert it into the page. When someone comes along and clicks on that link a window, designed to your exact size specifications, will appear on the screen on top of the current window.

This kind of pop-up window is very useful for such things as displaying guarantees, ordering instructions, special terms, additional selling points, etc.


Position the cursor where you want the link to appear, right-click with your mouse and select Link which opens in a pop-up Window from the script list.

The following window will appear.

window - link that opens in a pop up window

URL to link to - Enter the url to which you want the link to go, for example. If you want to link to a page within the existing web site or in any other website stored in XSitePro you can do by clicking on the button - folder browse button button.

Text for the link - Enter the text that will appear as the link on the page.

Status Message - This is where you type the message that you want to have displayed in the status bar whenever someone hovers their mouse above the link.

Height - This is the height of the window in pixels.

Width - This is the width of the window in pixels.

A typical computer screen is 1024 pixels wide by 768 pixels wide, which will give you a good idea of how large you want your window to be. If you want a window that is roughly a quarter of the screen you would give a height of 384 and a width of 512, but do remember that some people might be on screens as small as 800 x 600 (very few people are on anything smaller than this).

Show Menus - If you put a check in this checkbox the menu bar will display on the browser window that pops up.

Show Scrollbars - If you put a check in this checkbox the horizontal and vertical scroll bars will display on the browser window that pops up.

Resizable - If you put a check in this checkbox the window will be resizable. If you leave the checkbox unchecked people will not be able to change the size of the window in the normal way.

Pop Under - If you would like the window that pops-up to appear under the existing browser window put a check in this checkbox, otherwise it will appear on top by default.