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PostPosted: Sun Dec 12, 2010 2:53 pm 
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Hi Everyone,

XSitePro 2.5 is ready!

It's a free upgrade for all existing version 2 users. You'll find a link to download it below.

Before you rush off I'd like to say a massive thank you to each and every beta tester of 2.5, and all of our users for the amazing feedback and support we've received over the years. You guys rock! :)

The main objective for version 2.5 was to update the templates and other graphical stuff. When you look through the 200 new templates on offer I'm sure you'll agree our designers (thanks Rob and Pawel) have done a great job of bringing things right up-to-date.

In addition to the new templates we've also been busy adding some cool new features. I've copied a list of these below, along with a link to some videos which showcase the new features.

Meanwhile, here's your download link for XSitePro Version 2.5:


All the best


P.S. Our beta testers have been giving XSP 2.5 a thorough test over the last couple of months, but with so many different operating systems, browsers, hosting companies etc, it is difficult to cover all possibilities, so if you do find any glitches, large or small, just let us know via support and we will get straight onto them.

You can submit a ticket at:



Here's a list of what's new, and what's updated:

• Facebook 'Like' Button
• Twitter 'Share' Button
• Keyword Replacer
• Quick Content
• Quick Pages - Product Review
• RSS Wizard - Using PHP Insertion Method
• eNom - Hosting - Domain
• Clickbank Product Link
• Clickbank Hop-ads
• Slogan Token for Templates
• Tag Clouds/Lists

• Templates
• Forms Wizard - Graphical Style
• Site Search - Graphical Style
• Menus
• Design Wizard - Advanced Text Boxes
• Quick Pages (New versions in all existing categories)

You can view all of the videos which showcase the brand-new features at the following link:-



Here's a full list of what's new, updated or fixed since V2:-

Changes between v2.1 and v2.5

2. You can now choose whether custom scripts replace or are included in addition to global scripts.

3. Code added to help prevent infinite loops when using the {%RANDOMTEXT%} token.

4. Multi-level siloing no longer causes \ instead of / in the Google Sitemap paths.

5. When External Links appear in bulleted subpage lists they can now be styled in the same way as normal pages.

6. The Forms Wizard has been updated to use the new form parameters required by GetResponse.

7. The Forms Wizard has also had some anti-spam features added to prevent the automated submission by bots.

8. The link editor in the designer has been changed to add "http://" to the url box when you select "http" from the type dropdown. - Previously it was only adding "http:"

9. The font drop down in the style tabs of the designer property windows have been updated to include the full list available in the main designer window.

10. Transparent backgrounds are shown with a pale checkered background in the Designer windows.

11. When overwriting an existing template, the screen shots are now created correctly.

12. The Main Panel Header and Footer height is no longer being incorrectly reported as zero in the Page Layout tab.

13. The preview appears correctly for advanced text boxes

14. The RSS feed wizard now allows the links to open in a new window.

15. You can now continue to use XSitePro when you have the notes window open.

16. The embed code created by the Video Wizard when just inserting a .swf file without conversion is now closing the html tag correctly.

17. The Forms Wizard can now be aligned on the page using the normal alignment controls in the designer.

18. Custom onload events, rollover images and pop-ups can now be used on the same page without conflicting.

19. The links page description is now used for the sitemap as well as the meta data for the links page.

20. The header background image is now appearing correctly in the designer

21. An issue with multiple banner rotators on the same page has been resolved

22. You can now insert widgets into the page without forcing a paragraph break.

23. The Google Sitemap entry is now correctly added to the robots.txt file

24. The links manager now correctly handles character casing when grabbing the screenshot. It also handles pages where the keywords and description tags are unquoted.

25. When creating a site from a template, any pages in that template automatically pick up on the new sites keywords.

26. The close button for Lightbox images is now visible on siloed pages

27. Repeatedly clicking the color changer in the designer no longer generates a debug message

28. The horizontal alignment of Search Forms now works in all browsers.

29. Furl and Sparking have been removed from the Social Bookmarking module because they are no longer available.

30. Improvements to the processing of Flash content during Page Analysis

31. Links Manager no longer tries to use Autofill when no URL present.

32. PayPal "Buy Now" buttons changing image issue resolved.

33. FAQ now takes " and ' characters

34. Forms Wizard Thank you page is no longer lost when XSitePro is closed.

35. Site Search text labels no longer trim blank space from the start or the end.

36. Web pages with the same file name no longer cause an issue during preview / publishing.

37. Page breaks in Mobile Wizard are now created using the correct file extension.

38. An Exception when loading the Mobile Wizard module in 2.118 has been fixed.

39. The designer will no longer insert %20 between words when you have an image with no extension in the Resource Manager.

40. The Project Selection screen and Web Site Template Selector now sort in the same way as Windows (sorting numbers numerically instead of alphabetically)

41. Instructions have been clarified on the Google Sitemap settings screen.

42. There have been reported incidents where a Site Search form can lose it's settings when publishing, or exporting a site. Changes have been introduced to prevent this.

43. Numbers are now recognised in your keywords when the page analysis is being performed.

44. The menu option for changing a table header to or from a table cell was incorrectly labelled as tr <--> td. This has been corrected to th <--> td.

45. Copyright messages have been updated.

46. During import/export, the placeholders for widgets, adsense and other XSP elements are now updated in custom right panels. Previously, these were being missed.

47. Setting the nofollow tag in newly created links now holds.

48. You can now rename an anchor by right clicking on it and bringing up it's properties.

49. The anchor placeholder is no longer becoming invisible when switching between the design, source and other tabs.

50. Creating a link at the very end of a panel no longer causes the link to be removed when switching tabs if there was a blank space at the start of the line.

51. Nested font tags are no longer causing the generation of the mobile site to fail during publishing.

52. Extended character sets are now displayed correctly in advanced text boxes and testimonial boxes.

53. When a pop-in was being shown on a siloed page when the images folder had been renamed, it was not showing images correctly. This is now resolved.

54. It is now possible to have multiple "Image Rotator" widgets on the same page with different image sets.

55. Issues introduced in 2.121 which caused a problem with home links if your home directory was entered as / have been fixed.

56. There is no longer an error generated when you are importing a website that contains PayPal buttons when you haven't already added a PayPal button to one of your own sites.

57. The new basic tutorial is included with this update and can be found in My Documents\XSitePro-Data\Tutorial (unless you changed the default location of the XSitePro-Data folder when you first installed)

58. There is now an option in the Help menu for disabling your current copy of XSitePro2 in order to free up a license for another computer.

59. New registration code entry control with easier pasting of entire code.

60. The setting in the Links Manager to open links in a new window now works across all of the link structures.

61. More changes to resolve issues introduced by IE8 - including anchors losing their names when switching between tabs.

62. Images in the dynamic menus are now preloaded to eliminate any initial delay in the mouse over effects.

63. The references to images in Pop-Ins have been altered so that they now appear correctly when previewed in Firefox and Chrome.

64. There has been a fix for the ftp process when using active mode to publish a site larger than 1mb which was causing the process to fail on some systems.

65. Hyphenated words in the page title are being now being reported correctly on the page analysis tab.

66. The default url for the successful purchase with a PayPal button has been updated to reflect changes to PayPal.

67. If you have set up the parents of some web pages and somehow caused a loop, this now rectifies itself.

68. Optimization of the site generation process to eliminate unnecessary looping and improve speed.

69. Changes to the designer to fix issues that were introduced with RC1 of IE8. This included being unable to get the properties of widgets and other elements in the right click menus.

70. Category alignment in dynamic navigation menus now works correctly in FireFox.

71. When inserting a video, a splash screen is now created even if you are adding an flv file that doesn't require conversion.

72. You can insert comments at the top of source tabs without XSP forcing an empty paragraph above.

73. The XML Syndication toolbar button is now disabled when it is not possible to use it.

74. The Office II dynamic menu no longer creates missing image placeholders when you change the background color of the selected item.

75. Better resource cleanup after video conversion.

76. There was a problem with the content of custom right panels being lost if you were editting a page that had been copied from another - this is now fixed.

77. Popup previews in the list of popups are now generated more reliably if you are including images on them.

78. An issue which arose in version 2.132 causing navigation menus and sometimes the entire page layout to disappear has been resolved.

79. This fix also addresses the problem with the disappearing links pages when the speed improvements are applied in v2.130 and later.

80. Twitter has been added to the list of available social bookmarks.

81. An issue with panel widths being shown as 0 instead of the actual value on the Page Layout tab has been resolved.

82. An error to do with drag and drop registration on the publishing progress form in 64 bit windows has been fixed.

83. Problems with the designer becoming unregistered and causing evaluation messages to appear on your published website have been addressed.

84. Placeholders (e.g. [BULLETED_SUBPAGE_LINKS_WITH_DESCRIPTIONS]) no longer appear in your sitemap when you choose to use the first X words of the body content as the page description.

85. Exceptions caused when when trying to register XSitePro without an internet connection have been resolved.

New features in v2.1.

1. Lightbox image popups

Changes between v2.0 and v2.1

1. 64 bit compatible

2. The designer and the page layout screens can be resized.

3. Ability to specify background image tiling style for panels.

4. The byte order mark has been removed from the start of files in order to allow PHP code that alters the server headers to be placed at the very start of the file using the global scripts.

5. The ability to have transparent backgrounds for the panels in the page layout, allowing the image from the panel behind it to show through.

6. The header will no longer change size when the content of the main panel is not enough to fill the window.

7. Affiliates / adsense channels / snippets now converted from XSP1, all working data converted, not just the actual sites

8. The designer now shows full screen for a page where the layout is being ignored to give a better representation of the way the final page will look.

9. The ability to set style settings for pages that ignore page layout.

10. If you edit the color of a link, you can now get the link properties window to show.

11. Arial Narrow has been added to the list of fonts.

12. The page layout tab can now cope with a system set to use large fonts (DPI) without losing the right hand edge of the color dropdown controls.

13. The ability to disable javascript when taking a screen shot of the home page.

14. The image properties dialog now allows you to constrain the proportions of the image when changing the height as well as the width.

15. Characters with an ASCII code higher than 255 (e.g. Greek and Chinese) are now supported correctly.

16. Non ASCII characters are now shown correctly in the source tab as well as the design view.

17. Navigation menus can handle UTF-8 characters

18. The mobile wizard allows UTF-8 character encoding

19. The article import now supports non-ASCII characters.

20. If a confirmation page is not set for the Get Response Form Wizard, it will use the default Get Response thank you page.

21. Can type in an external site for the Confirmation page for the Form Wizards.

22. The ability to turn off the last name field in the standard email address forms wizard.

23. If you are using the javascript Dynamic menus, a noscript tag is added with the default textual menu so your menu can be spidered by the search engines.

24. The dynamic menus now show which page is currently being viewed even when you are viewing pages within a siloed folder.

25. You can now align categories on the navigation menu.

26. Added new Widget 'Thumbnail'.

27. Image Gallery Widget now allows you to set the size of the thumb nails from the settings screen.

28. The Image Gallery widget allows you to constrain width of thumb nail when changing the height as well as the width.

29. The width of the Sticky Note widget can now be specified.

30. You can now have multiple Image Gallery Widgets on a single page.

31. Can now have multiple Roll Over widgets on a single page

32. Password Redirect Widget allows you to set the amount of attempts allowed before being redirected to a failure page.

33. The Site Search module no longer includes text that appears on all pages in its index so can give more relevant results.

34. The Site Search can handle more than one file with the same name but in a different folder (e.g. When siloing is turned on).

35. The Multi-Page Creation Wizard now allows you to set whether or not the pages should be published or not.

36. The Multi-Page Creation Wizard now has a checkbox controlling whether or not to add the title to the list of keywords.

37. Ability to specify wmode for video and audio modules

38. The ability to specify the quality of the video produced by the Video Wizard has been added.

39. The Auto-Fill in the Links Manager has been improved to handle badly formed header tags. It also maintains the casing of the title, description and keywords from the original site.

40. Links Manager can take a screen shot of any page from any URL, using special urls (& , + % etc)

41. The ability to specify the image padding around the thumb nail image in the Links Manager.

42. Ability to specify whether links in the Links Manager open in a new window.

43. The category pages will show in Links Manger even if that category has no links associated

44. The ability to change the FTP server port from the usual setting of 21.

45. You can now publish the site that is selected in the project selection tree by using the publishing menu.

46. The ability to specify whether the breadcrumb trail and sitemap no longer add index.html to the end of the URL for your home page.

47. The ability to set the background color of pop-ups to be transparent.

48. Can paste from the clipboard into the Redirect title box.

49. Can enter a space (' ') for the title of your Redirect page, which is replaced by the site's file name separator character.

50. Redirect pages can now go to the site map and any of the other files in your web site.

51. If left and right menus are not present, the Mobile Site will now use your Info bar menu instead.

52. External links can now be set to use a nofollow tag.

53. Paypal module accepts the Euro format of using a comma (,) to separate dollars and cents instead of decimal point (.).

54. The Page Breaks feature uses the setting for the file name replacement character (- or _) and uses this when appending the file name.

55. The Page Analysis Tab now correctly calculates density when there is more than one word in the keyword box.

56. The color selector highlight on named colors is now shown in white text

57. The font combo boxes now have the correct background color when expanded.

58. Tokens are now interpreted correctly for pages that are appearing on the sitemap.

59. You can now remove colors from the custom palette in the color picker (right click the swatch you want to remove).

60. Non-siloed menus link correctly to siloed pages when silo parent is a sub page.

61. The file selectors used in the image widgets made consistent.

62. Page analysis parsing improvements.

63. Problems with licensing in the spellchecker have been resolved.

64. Thumbnail widget can now take images over 1000px width and height and has improved description text.

65. There is now an alternative FTP dll built in to XSP. If you are having trouble publishing with the normal dll, you can try the alternative by changing the FTP setting on the Global Settings dialog.

66. Problems with font color selection when using More Colors and problems with highlight background color have been fixed.

67. Problems with the update not installing correctly have been resolved.

68. Import pages now handles .txt files with UTF-8 content correctly.

69. Image Gallery Widget no longer displays an empty tool tip if no description entered for an image.

70. Redirect URL is now formed correctly if your Publishing Home Directory ends in '/'

71. The Snippets Module now picks up the code if all you do is right click and paste in the source tab.

72. The Global Settings form no longer generates an error when it loads.

73. Ctrl+S now correctly triggers a save when the designer has focus.

74. The PHP checker now handles a single / as the setting for the home directory without saying that it is an invalid URL.

75. Site Search index is rebuilt when update publishing details.

76. Inconsistencies when importing Contact Us and Privacy Page from xspv1 have been fixed.

77. Inconsistent behavior of Snippets saying text is blank has been fixed.

78. Forms Wizard redirect pages can now be set to external web pages.

79. Paypal module now aligns correctly for Firefox.

80. Widget generation has been improved.

81. Video Wizard now allows filtering on SWF and FLV file types.

82. The Google sitemap was being created incorrectly when siloed pages contained page breaks.

83. External links were appearing twice in the navigation menus if they were set as a sub-page and the parent page was siloed.

84. The PHP check module now correctly picks up on the Passive mode setting from the publish details.

85. There have been changes to the Site Search to cope with servers that return the path of php.cgi instead of the path for the page itself when $_SERVER [SCRIPT_FILENAME] is called.

86. The background image for a page that is set to ignore the page layout is now being inserted correctly.

87. The FAQ widget has been made more robust to cope with data inconsistencies.

88. The Target dynamic menu has had the blank background image removed as an option in the drop down as it was causing exceptions when selected.

89. The context menu for the web pages list has been corrected to remove options that are not available for certain types of page (e.g. Sitemap)

90. Mouse Over/Out/Up/Down/Click events no longer cause the designer to display javascript errors

91. The FAQ widget now allows you to underline the elements correctly

92. Further changes to the FTP module to try and rectify publishing / website cleanup issues.

93. General efficiency improvements.

94. The Amazon Recommended Product Link Adverts now displays relevant adverts for all country types.

95. The RSS feed can now be justified in the designer.

96. The web site cleanup has better handling of non-standard FTP directory listings.

97. IE javascript call has been removed after the body tag.

98. The CRC file is now uploaded correctly if only a few small files are published. Previously, it wasn't being updated correctly and was causing problems for the web site cleanup.

99. The properties window for images (right click menu in designer) now allows you to set the horizontal and text alignments back to none (-) if you have previously set them.

100. The system no longer asks you to save changes when you exit immediately after publishing without making any changes.

101. The main panel padding was being lost if the main panel header was active and the main panel had a background image - this has now been resolved.

102. The issue of having a " in your menu text causing the dynamic menu not to display has been fixed.

103. The Site Search module can now be aligned using the designer justification controls.

104. The Banner Rotator Widget can now be aligned using the designer justification controls.

105. Forms created in the Forms Wizard now display correctly on pages that ignore the page layout.

106. Can now specify the sub menu background color for the xpstyle Dynamic menu.

107. The FAQ widget will handle " and ' characters if they are pasted into the controls.

108. The Advanced Text Box now has the correct image references when the page is siloed.

109. The audio wizard now has the correct reference to the audio file when the page is siloed.

110. The publishing process can now cope with FTP servers that return a shortened response for the commands PWD and CWD.

111. The designer no longer displays javascript errors when links have the onclick, onmouseover or onmouseout events set.

112. Affiliate links that require href="#" can be set in the source tab.

113. When viewing Link Properties in Designer, No Follow check box displays correctly.

114. Can only set web pages to appear on menus that are being used via the right click web page list context menu.

115. Ignore page layout option from the web page list right click context menu is fixed.

116. Fixes a bug which meant images for the mobile site didn't always show.

117. The bug of having " in your page description which caused issues for the Ma.gnolia Social Network link and Page Analysis has been fixed.

118. Fixes layout issue for Social Network link and firefox.

119. Site Search module saves full URL setting correctly.

120. Fixes bug that caused an exception when scrolling between Advanced Text Boxes.

121. Site map not showing pages that aren't published for all styles.

122. Fixes a bug in Links Manager when having three levels of categories.

123. Fixes a bug in Mobile wizard when removing background images.

124. Countdown widget modified so cannot enter incorrect time 2400.

125. The problem when having a pop up assigned to a sub page and the kill page auto checking itself is fixed.

126. XML syndication handles the home directory value of '/' correctly

127. XML syndication uses correct title from web site, not name of site.

128. XML syndication specifies silo pages correctly for the GUID

129. Social Networking bookmark spacing issue in firefox fixed.

130. Pages which are set to not be published do not appear in the sitemap.

131. A bug in the Scheduler when using daily updates has been fixed.

132. XML Syndication does an extra check on link structure when using siloed pages.

133. The Forms Wizard email responder has split the email address up into components in the PHP file to help reduce spam.

134. Better error handling code for the Audio wizard has been added if your system is having trouble running the Lame encoder.

135. There has been a slight modification to correct a designer issue that was introduced in beta 2.066. The problem was causing non-standard characters to be replaced with garbage.

136. The vertical alignment for table cells was being lost when you opened the properties dialog and this has now been resolved.

137. The forms wizard placeholder now displays the correct height in the designer window. (You will need to right click and open existing ones in the wizard to set the height)

138. Table and Cell properties and actions were not always available when right clicking if there was something in the cell being clicked on. This has been resolved.

139. A vertical spacing issue for xsp1 style menus has been fixed.

140. The XML Sitemap (Google sitemap) now includes references to siloed pages correctly.

141. There was an issue with site exit pop-ups if they were given a name containing non-alphanumeric characters which has now been resolved.

142. If a news scroller item contained a ' or " character it was causing the script to fail.

143. Changed push buttons to check boxes for static menus overline / underline because it was not clear whether they were pressed or not on all systems.

144. Social networking links are now formed correctly if the home directory on the publishing details tab is set to '/'.

145. A bug with the pop-in header font size has now been fixed.

146. The ability to set Audio player wmode=transparent has been added.

147. There was an issue regarding the page title separator sometimes losing any leading or trailing spaces which has now been resolved.

148. The Site Search now works on servers running IIS.

149. There is an updated version of the designer to hopefully resolve the script errors.

150. A problem with the SEO module being unable to find your search term if it was wrapped over more than one line has been fixed.

151. The positioning of videos created with the Video Wizard has been improved.

152. The list of navigation menu styles now displays correctly in 800x600

153. A bug where the sitemap wasn't being created and the links to it were pointing to the folder instead has been fixed.

154. A bug in the XML Syndication which could cause a crash if you selected to include your entire site has been fixed.

155. The standard CSS has been cleaned up and the height:100% has been removed from several areas. This will help with scripts that alter the amount of content on the page after it has loaded.

156. Minor changes to the designer to try and prevent a Visual Basic error to do with converting '0' to a float.

157. The Page Analysis now handles invalid html and reports the issue instead of just displaying a blank analysis screen.

158. The FAQ editing bug has been fixed.

159. Mobile Wizard page generation has been improved.

160. Previewing was failing with an Access Denied message if there were elements on a page that were being locked by the IE window in the Page Layout tab. This has now been fixed.

161. A bug with the word count in the Page Analysis has been fixed.

162. Page Analysis can now handle <?Xml: tags without returning a blank screen.

163. The additional DOCTYPE that was added in 2.060 has been removed because it was causing problems in IE.

164. The FTP dlls have been updated to try and resolve some problems that people have had with timeout errors.

165. The selected (visited) link color and font styles for static menus now show correctly.

166. In Page Analysis, the number or keywords is based on number of words, not the number of keyword word phrases.

167. The description of the sitemap now correctly picks up the description within the module.

168. The ability to use an xsitepro2.cfg file instead of the registry to control the location of the data folder has been implemented for people who are having problems with permissions to read the registry.

169. The byte-order mark has been removed from the start of the HTML pages as it was causing problems with older servers sending it through as visible text.

170. There was an issue in the web site cleanup wizard which meant that you couldn't delete the files if your ftp directory was blank. This has now been fixed.

171. There was a bug that could cause the application to freeze during publishing which has now been fixed.

172. Stylish templates 001 002 003 39 40 41 42 have been modified to rectify some inconsistencies in Firefox.

173. Changing the backup location was causing problems if the folder you were selecting didn't exist. This has been fixed.

174. There has been a slight change in the way that the designers are initially created. This is to try and resolve a javascript issue that says "body is null or not an object".

175. The splash screen is less intrusive and is no longer forcing itself to the front.

176. There was an issue with affiliate links being replaced with %7BAFFILIATE_123%7D for sites created in v1 which has now been resolved.

177. The CSS for the bulleted sub-page links no longer causes problems for the scripted navigation in the right panel.

178. Stylish Templates Stylish42 / Stylish43 /Stylish44 have been modified to work with Firefox.

179. FAQ widget bug that caused the faqs to get jumbled sometimes when editing has been fixed.

180. Specifying an invalid backup path in global settings causing an exception has been fixed.

181. The way that the converter copies the files that are attached to a site has been changed. This should help with people who have sites that have several gigabytes of audio/video in them.

182. There was a problem with the progress bar not being displayed when previewing with version 2.055 - this has now been fixed.

183. The FTP timeout has been increased to help users who were previously having trouble with the ftp connection timing out. This should mean that people can publish to their domain name instead of the IP address again.

184. The mobile wizard now shows the page background.

185. The conflict with the Site Search and mobile wizard that was preventing pages from being previewed or published has been resolved.

186. The category headings in navigation menus are no longer appearing as clickable links to the same page that they are on.

187. The right panel dynamic menu in Firefox was floating into the middle of the page instead of appearing in the correct position - this is now fixed.

188. There was an exception when you added a new XML syndication feed to your site if your site contained external links as sub pages. This has now been fixed.

189. The mobile site redirect back to your main site is now correctly adding http:// to the front of your domain name if it is not set on the publishing details tab.

190. The Links Manager now displays thumb nails correctly in Firefox when published.

191. A bug was introduced in 2.054 where your navigation menus may not show the images on the page layout tab. This has now been fixed.

192. Another couple of changes to allow the designer to cope with non-ASCII characters.

193. The Web Space Cleanup now copes with blank FTP directories.

194. Some people were experiencing an "Access Denied" message when they were previewing a website that contained videos in the page layout. This has now been fixed.

195. The Google Sitemap was creating an entry that ended with /./ which causing 404 errors when Google tried to visit those pages.

196. The timeout for taking the screen shot of the page has been increased to help with pages that have long running scripts on them.

197. The width of the Sticky Note widget can now be specified.

198. New version of the Atalasoft imaging dlls for the clipart module.

199. External links that were set as sub pages were not appearing in the list when you first started xsitepro2.

200. Having dynamic menu text which contains " causing the menu not to show has been fixed.

201. Having a sub page list (bulleted or numbered) displaying horizontally when you have an image gallery widget above it has been fixed.

202. Paypal success and failure pages not returning full path has been fixed

203. If you had siloing turned on, with alphabetical sitemaps enabled and you had sub pages which contained external links the application crashed at preview / publish - this has been fixed.

204. The designer and the page layout can now be resized.

205. The Site Search box and results page used to disappear if you changed template from a site that didn't have one to a template that does.

206. The Site Search used to create a results page without any page layout if you were also creating the mobile site.

207. The ability to license the application by sending us a generated file has been implemented to support users with network issues.

208. Siloing over multiple levels was using the \ character instead of the / between folder names which was causing problems for Firefox.

209. New version of the FTP dlls which will hopefully resolve the issue where some people have to specify the IP address instead of the domain name.

210. New version of the imaging dlls that should fix the problem that some people have experienced when opening the clipart library.

211. Importing XSE files from version 1 (or running the converter) was failing if the v1 site contained high value Unicode characters.

212. Exports created with version 2.051 could not be imported and sites couldn't be copied. This update will fix that issue.

213. RSS custom feeds - can now accept + & ' ' characters in the feed URL.

214. Paypal success and failure pages now redirect correctly.

215. There was a problem with the default snippets being created multiple times which has now been fixed.

216. There was an exception that caused an Amazon exception on delete account.

217. XSP1 converted navigation menu settings now load into the navigation menu module.

218. The version 1 navigation menus now have the correct spacing between elements, and the categories align correctly.

219. The sitemap and links pages are no longer jumping to the top of the list during the conversion process.

220. There were some pages that were not being copied across during the conversion process - this has now been fixed.

221. There was a minor issue with bullets on the navigation menus causing entries to wrap strangely

222. Converting version 1 sites was running into problems if your image files had no extension or contained space characters.

223. The progress bar on v1 site conversion wasn't appearing.

224. Site publishing was generating an error if one of your files was zero bytes.

225. The issue of scripts and comments were being corrupted and becoming yellow placeholders has been fixed.

226. The Multi Page Creation Wizard was causing errors when it was loaded.

227. More changes to the designer to try and fix javascript errors that are still happening for some people. You can now disable the fixed width designers by creating a txt file called nowidth.txt in your xsitepro data folder (probably my documents\xsitepro-data)

228. Correctly picks up on image filenames that contain an & character.

229. Various changes to try and resolve the javascript exceptions in the designer.

PostPosted: Mon Dec 13, 2010 10:27 am 

Joined: Sun Jan 13, 2008 12:04 pm
Posts: 183
Been giving 2.5 a whirl for the last couple of hours and have to say I absolutely love it. Great work on the templates and the new features are really useful. The tag clouds features is too cool for words. I thought you could only do that kind of thing on a database type site so you've worked wonders getting it into Xsitepro :D

Great work guys and gals!

PostPosted: Mon Dec 13, 2010 10:29 am 

Joined: Sun Jan 13, 2008 12:04 pm
Posts: 183
Oh and I forgot to thank you for the videos. That was very considerate and they really helped me understand the new features in record time.

Quick question. Do I still have access to all my old templates?

PostPosted: Mon Dec 13, 2010 10:54 am 
User avatar

Joined: Mon Jan 05, 2009 12:16 pm
Posts: 881
Location: UK
Hi julie

I installed and all of the v2 templates work just the same, not found a problem yet - touch wood

Have to agree with you too, it is a major update and I like what I see so far, there are a couple of things I would still like to see, as Brett mentioned above, leaving custom code the way we wish to display it is a biggy for me. hint hint guys.....

Captcha ;)

Custom Xsitepro Templates - Templates from $17
Website Design - Logo Design - Print Design - Social Media

PostPosted: Tue Dec 14, 2010 7:17 am 

Joined: Fri Oct 21, 2005 10:01 am
Posts: 701
Location: Canada
It's like Xmas came early this year!

A major thank you to Paul and everyone at Intellimon and all the helpful beta testers.

Happy holidays everyone!

Yours in success,

Patrick Forbes
When You Need a Custom XSitePro Template!

PostPosted: Tue Dec 14, 2010 7:40 am 

Joined: Fri Jul 16, 2010 5:11 am
Posts: 35
Definitely agree!

Christmas holidays and New Year on the same day .... :):)

The first thing I wanted to try was to try the new "search" tool and I only get this message: http://www.screencast.com/users/takealo ... 4c25e4fe6e

Any idea about why this message?

The installation went perfectly, even running a restart but I get the same message.

PostPosted: Tue Dec 14, 2010 8:25 am 

Joined: Thu Nov 05, 2009 7:00 am
Posts: 38
Paul and team

Thank you very much for this amazing upgrade.

The new features, fixes and templates are stunning :D

This is the best web building software bar none!!!

Best wishes


PostPosted: Tue Dec 14, 2010 8:27 am 
Site Admin
Site Admin

Joined: Wed Jul 27, 2005 6:44 am
Posts: 340
PatrickForbes wrote:
and all the helpful beta testers.

Yes definitely a huge thank you to the beta testers!!!

With software as full of features as XSitePro is it is a big challenge testing to make sure that everything is working fine. In the past we've struggled trying to do most of it in-house, but for 2.5 we had lots of kind offers from users who were happy to put the new version through its paces.

It is a long and drawn out process creating large software packages and the beta testers did an amazing job of putting each minor new beta version (of which there were quite a few) through some rigorous testing.

Thanks again guys and gals. We couldn't have done it without you :D

PostPosted: Tue Dec 14, 2010 8:49 am 
XSite Pro Support
XSite Pro Support

Joined: Mon Dec 13, 2004 9:59 am
Posts: 548
Hi Bobby,

It looks like you tried doing something that none of our beta testing had tried which was to do absolutely nothing but create a blank site and open the site search. The error was because it was trying to copy the search box images into a folder that doesn't exist yet (because you have not previewed your site and it has no other images)

We will get this fixed (it only needs a single line of code) and ready for an update soon.

In the meantime, you should find that if you add an image anywhere on your site and hit the preview button, you will be able to use the site search feature.

Thanks for bringing it to our attention,

PostPosted: Tue Dec 14, 2010 9:26 am 

Joined: Fri Jul 16, 2010 5:11 am
Posts: 35
Fantastic. Thanks a lot!

I look forward two the update.

Will I find this under the "check for updates or will we receive a new download link?

Again, thanks a lot for a great software and a great update!

PostPosted: Tue Dec 14, 2010 10:07 am 

Joined: Wed May 21, 2008 11:35 am
Posts: 120
Thanks for the new version. I can't believe it is free. I feel like Christmas has come early.

I just set up a new site and used the domain and hosting feature to get it all set up. Harry Potter couldn't have designed that wizard any better. I have never seen anything that makes building a site, registering a domain name, setting up hosting and publishing the site so easy. I reckon if I had the content at hand and used one of the new templates I could have a brand new site on the web in 10 minutes flat. In fact next time I do it I'm going to time myself and I'll let you know my personal best :D :D :D :D :D

And don't get me started on the Clickbank stuff. 10/10.

PostPosted: Sat Dec 18, 2010 8:03 am 

Joined: Sun May 04, 2008 8:34 am
Posts: 27
Location: Cape Cod Massachusetts
Really would be nice if xsitepro wasn't full of bugs that destroy pages.

I downloaded 2.5 (my mistake again) and get an error that I don't have permission to access some xsitepro bubbles background graphic and I need to contact my system administrator.

Then I go to open the old version and get this

XSite Pro Version 2.150.4002.27792
DB Version 204

Could not load file or assembly 'Clickbank, Version=2.500.4002.27814, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.


at Sol.XSitePro.frmMain..ctor()
at Sol.XSitePro.Program.Main(String[] argsArray)

Does xsitepro just always suck or just sometimes?

Now I can't even use the software and I had planned to develop ALL day and now I got nothing. Hello wordpress.

PostPosted: Mon Dec 20, 2010 3:38 pm 

Joined: Mon Jan 26, 2009 10:39 pm
Posts: 17
I am experiencing the same problems as DomainBuyerBroker.

I tried to upload the 2.5 update and I too get the message saying that I don't have permission to access the files.

Now my current version won't open with exactly the same error message that DomainBuyerBroker is getting.

I have submitted a support ticket but unfortunately nothing that has been suggested has fixed the problem yet.

PostPosted: Tue Dec 21, 2010 8:58 am 
Site Admin
Site Admin
User avatar

Joined: Thu Mar 11, 2010 3:02 am
Posts: 691
Location: Leeds, UK
Hi All,

My attempted update was aborted and now my xsitepro isn't working at all.
I received the following message when the aborted install happened.

XSite Pro Version 2.150.4002.27792
DB Version 204
Could not load file or assembly 'Clickbank, Version=2.500.4002.27814, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.
at Sol.XSitePro.frmMain..ctor()
at Sol.XSitePro.Program.Main(String[] argsArray)

I suspect that you have Kasperky Anti Virus and Internet Protection.
Please disable Kasperky and re-run the latest update.

If this is still being a problem you can raise a ticket here:

If I can be of any further help, do let me know.

Ben Fleeson
Empowering individuals to be financially independent.

PostPosted: Fri Dec 24, 2010 6:04 am 

Joined: Mon Nov 23, 2009 3:12 pm
Posts: 46
I downloaded the new version and tried to install it. I got this message also.

I am using Norton anti-virus.

Any thoughts on what I need to do to get things working properly?


XSite Pro Version 2.150.4002.27792
DB Version 204

Could not load file or assembly 'Clickbank, Version=2.500.4002.27814, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.


at Sol.XSitePro.frmMain..ctor()
at Sol.XSitePro.Program.Main(String[] argsArray)

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