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XML Syndication is a powerful way of pushing your content out to subscribers on autopilot and opens up some exciting possibilities when used in conjunction with other features in XSitePro.


Essentially, the feature enables you to create syndicatable RSS feeds, made up from multiple pages (or sections) of your Web site.


Let's look at an example:


If, say, you had a section in your site for articles that you had written, this content would typically require that someone visit and revisit the pages within it to read all of your latest articles.


What we can do with this powerful feature of XSitePro is create (in this example) an RSS feed for our Articles 'parent' page which automatically picks up any sub-pages added, over time, and adds them to the RSS feed.


If you can grasp the concept of an automatically updating RSS feed made up of a parent page's sub-pages then this next step will really get the benefits of this tool over to you...



Automatically Updated Feed Content


The way RSS works is that visitors arriving at your page can 'subscribe' to your site content by simply clicking on a special kind of link on your page. This link basically gives the visitor's RSS reader the information it needs to automatically retrieve new content within that feed (i.e new article page content, in our example).


So, in short, having once visited your site's articles section and having clicked on the RSS feed icon on your page, this visitor is assured that thereafter they will automatically receive the new article content on your site as it is published.


All of this will happen without you doing a thing - you just need to keep the fresh article content coming!



Taking this to the next level


If you're keeping up with this scenario and thinking 'this is pretty neat' there's perhaps one more step that you should consider...


Imagine using this tool in conjunction with the page scheduler feature of XSitePro. What about scheduling maybe 200 articles to appear automatically (published automatically by the taskbar scheduler) as Article sub-pages. Yes, you've guessed it, these article pages (as they are automatically published) will automatically be added to your Articles RSS feed. Your feed subscribers will be getting new articles every single week of the year, and you won't even be lifting a finger.


Powerful stuff indeed.



In the following sections we'll look at just how we create an XML syndication feed and link to that feed in our Web pages.

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