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In the Word Analysis section XSitePro lists, in descending order, the words that appear most frequently within your page content.





This can be very enlightening as it may in fact show that a reader (be they human or a search engine robot) may well be forgiven for thinking that this page is actually to do with something totally off-topic, if the text is weighted toward non-relevant words or phrases.


The table features five columns:


Word - The word featured in the text on your page


Count - The number of times that word appears in the page text


Density - The number of times that word appears as a percentage of total words in the page


Top 1/3 - The density within the more prominent top-third of the page (usually 'above the fold').


Bottom 1/3 - The density within the less prominent bottom-third of the page.



Ideally, your major keywords, and some of your minor keywords, should be listed toward the top of the list.


For example, if you are trying to optimize a page to rank well for the term Key West (i.e. the vacation resort at the end of the Florida Keys), but the words that top the list are boating, snorkeling and Margaritaville, and Key is down in 15th position and West is in 16th position you need to be doing some editing.


All of the words listed highly certainly relate to Key West, and some of them will appear in search relating to Key West (e.g. Snorkeling in Key West), but if your aim is to optimize the page for the term Key West then those two words should definitely appear in the top 5 at least.

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