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Have you wanted to include such things as a Click here to Add to Favorites link to your Web site, but didn't know how to do it? Or how about having an Image Gallery in your page? Or what about random quotes, or expanding FAQ lists?


All of the above, and a lot more besides, are available using the Widget Wizard feature of XSitePro.


With just a few clicks you can add some powerful features to your Web site without having to write a single line of code. This means you can have clever little tricks on your site that previously would have required a coding expert to implement.




Select the page into which you want to insert the script by selecting it from the list on the Web pages tab.




Click on the Design tab so that you can see the Web page displayed in Designer.




Position the cursor anywhere in the Designer window.




Right-click once with your mouse and select the Widget Wizard option from the menu that appears.




This will load a widget script selection screen as below:






Within the script selection screen you will see a categorized list of available scripts, left-of-screen, and a preview/description window, right-of-screen. Selecting a script from the list will cause a preview of that script’s functionality to appear in the preview window.




When you have made your selection from the list of scripts, click the button_widget_wizard_edit button to set the properties required for this script to work.


Note: The different properties required for each of the available scripts are described in the sections of this manual that follow.




Follow the on-screen prompts for your chosen script to customize its properties, and when you have entered the required information, click the button_widget_wizard_insert button.


Your new script will now be inserted at the point where you had positioned the cursor on your Web page.





To see your script in action click on the button_application_preview button in the bottom left corner of the screen.

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