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The power of the World Wide Web is its inter-linking nature. Within just a few clicks you can wander from a site about Europe, to a site all about France, and then one that specializes in Paris before ending up viewing pictures at the Web site of the Louvre.


In recent years links from one site to another have become even more important because major search engines such as Google have started to use the number of incoming and outgoing links as part of their ranking system that decides where on their search engines you will appear.


Google, and other search engines who use links as part of their ranking system, believe that if you have a lot of links coming in, or going out, to other sites on the same topic then your site must be relevant.



For example, consider these two sites:


Site number one specializes in sky diving. It has over a hundred pages all about the topic and it has fifty links coming in from other sky diving sites and nearly as many going out to other sky diving sites.


Site number two is a great site that covers every aspect of sky diving. It has over 1,000 pages on all aspects of the sport. It doesn't have any links to other sky diving sites and there are no other sky diving sites that link to it.



Which of the two sites above will perform best in the search engines?


The answer is likely to be site number one, even though site number two has considerably more pages the search engines that use linking as part of their ranking formula, often known as an algorithm. Site number one will probably win out because the search engines will see it as more relevant and more popular within the sky diving fraternity due to its much better inbound and outbound link performance.


In other words, some major search engines like sites that have lots of links that relate to the topic.

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