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XSitePro can produce three types of site map for you automatically:



Hierarchical Site Map


Alphabetical Site Map


Navigation Menu Site Map



Hierarchical Site Map


The hierarchical structured site map is representative of the list of web-pages in your Web pages tab, in XSitePro. This is to say, the list will be all of your web-pages, in the exact order that they appear in your Web pages list.


If, in your Web pages list in XSitePro, you have a parent page, with sub-pages, these sub-pages will appear indented on your site map, beneath the parent page.


Add a new Web page, at any time, to the bottom of your Web pages list, in XSitePro and this page will appear at the bottom of your site map. Move that same page up to the middle of the Web pages list and, you’ve guessed it – it will move up the site map structure also.


Here is an example of a hierarchical site map, with the Web pages list next to it to show this correlation.





Alphabetical Site Map


The alphabetical site map contains exactly the same information as the hierarchical site map, but all of the Web pages contained in your Web site will be listed in alphabetical order, and there is no indentation to show whether pages are major pages or minor pages. It is just a ‘flat’ list in this sense.


Below is an example of an alphabetical site map.





Navigation Menu Site Map


The navigation menu site map is very similar to the hierarchical site map described above, in that it mirrors the order of pages as they appear in the Web pages list, and indents sub-pages beneath parent pages, but there is one important difference. The navigation menu site map excludes any pages which do not feature on your Web site’s main navigation menu.


Where you may want to use this over, say, the hierarchical site map is if you only really want those pages in your main navigation menu indexing by the search engine – it’s a little quicker than removing individual pages, one-by-one, from the site map (more on which below).


Below is an example of a navigation menu site map, shown alongside the same site’s main navigation menu.


Notice that the pages "Business in Sport" and "Corporate Eventing" pages which featured in the hierarchical site map earlier in this section, are absent (as these pages do not feature in the left-navigation menu).



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