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Video content can be used in a number of circumstances. Below are a few ideas to get you started, but with a little thought there are likely to be many more ideas that spring to mind.



Sales message - If of a suitable quality and if the content is appropriate, a home-page sales message (featured at the top of a sales page, for example) can be quite effective. It's a fine line, but some sites do use this to good effect.



Testimonials - Bring your testimonials to life like never before with video testimonials. These days, in the wake of video phenomena like YouTube and its peers, everyone seems to have the capability to produce video.


You will be amazed, if you ask your visitors for video testimonials, at just how many oblige - they can really liven up your testimonials page, and are more 'concrete' evidence than the easily-forged text testimonial.



Training Course Material (paid for) - Use video to create your own product - Knowledge products are some of the most bought products online. Pick your specialist subject, put your expertise to video and offer the product for sale from your site.


Alternatively, give your video 'product' away in return for an e-mail address. A great way to build a mailing list.



How-to Video - Support your product or service with a range of brief 'how-to' videos. Produced well these can lift people's perception of your product and also lower the support overhead post-sale.



Product Show-reel - Ensure that your product is presented in the best possible light each and every time by producing a quality promotional video for your products. Done well this can add credibility to your product and even become a viral tool for promoting your product.



As mentioned at the start of this list, these are just a few ideas about how video can be a positive addition to your site's content. Take a moment to think of some other ways in which you could employ this engaging medium to good effect on your own site.

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