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Okay. Here’s the techie bit. If you already know what an RSS Feed is feel free to skip this section.


First of all let’s get the three letter acronym out of the way. RSS stands for 'Really Simple Syndication'.


In simple terms an RSS Feed is a way for a Web site to automatically receive data from another Web site and display that information on its own Web pages.


The chances are you will have seen feeds all over the web without realizing that they’re feeds. Think of things such as weather information, breaking news, TV guides, etc. You might have just assumed that the web master has typed that content in, but the truth is that the web master is unlikely to have lifted a finger over this type of content. It’s all done in a completely automated fashion.


Once a feed has been set up it will continue to update itself on a regular basis. As long as the web master who is providing that feed keeps it up-to-date all Web sites who are receiving that feed will be updated automatically.


Below is an example of a feed, from MSNBC:




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