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Web site Settings can be accessed via the Other tab or you can click on the settings menu in the main toolbar at the top of the application window.





The Web site settings options (the lower part of the settings list, highlighted above) will take you, when clicked, to the Web site Settings window at the relevant tab.



The Web site Settings window lets you customize the way your Web site handles everything from filenames through to the folder structure that will be used when the site is published.


You can have completely different settings for each of your Web sites. Changing the settings for one site doesn’t have any impact on the settings of any of your others sites. They’re all completely independent.



The Web site Settings window is split into five tabs.


Page Title Settings – Lets you choose what is used as the page title on each of your Web pages. This is the wording used in the top left hand corner of the browser window when people are visiting your pages.



File Name Settings – Lets you choose the default file extension for your pages, whether filenames will be converted to lowercase, what character will replace spaces and illegal characters in filenames, and the name of the css file that is used.



Home Page Settings – Lets you choose the default name for your home page and the format for the home page links on any navigation menus.



Folder Settings – Lets you choose your own names for folders in which specific files are published, e.g. images, audio, video, and scripts.



Advanced - Related only to a particular cell-placement technology used by XSitePro. This tab is where you need to go if you would like to disable this feature for any reason.



The sections that follow contain detailed instructions on each of these settings.

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