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Follow the steps below to clean-up the old and orphaned files on your web space.




Open the Web site that you would like the Web site Cleanup Wizard to clean up.




Click on the Tools menu on the toolbar and Web site Cleanup.




A window will appear explaining what the Web site Cleanup Wizard does and will prompt you to press the Generate File List button to proceed.






The process of checking all of the files will take some time. For a small site it could be anything from a minute to five minutes, but for a large site it could be ten minutes or more. Please be patient.


Once the process has completed the Web site Cleanup File List will appear. It will list all the files that XSitePro feels are no longer required.




Check the file list very carefully and put a check next to any files you want to move off of your web server or that you want to delete completely.




If you want to select all of the files you can click on the Select All button in the bottom left of the screen.




Once you have selected the file or files you want to delete or move click on the appropriate button.


Delete Selected Files – Click on this button if you want to delete all of the selected files from your web hosting space.


Move Selected Files to Local Computer – If you do not want to delete the files you have the option to move the files from your web space directly to your local computer. If you choose to move the files rather than delete them you will be prompted to select the folder on your local machine where you would like the files to be moved to.



Note: If you want to delete some files and move others that is not a problem. Simply select the ones you want to delete and click on the delete button and then after that process has completed select the ones you want to move and click on the move button. Or you can move files first and then delete. It’s completely up-to-you.



Once you have finished deleting or moving files click on the Exit button to close the window. Any files that are remaining on the list when you exit will stay on your hosting space.

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