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To load add a QuickPage to your site, you need to navigate to the Web pages Tab, and click the 'Add Other' button.





When you click the ‘Add Other’ button, a menu will appear from which you should select ‘QuickPage’ as shown below:





When you click the ‘QuickPage’ menu option, the QuickPages tool will be loaded:





As can be seen from the screenshot above, creating a QuickPage is a three-step process:


Step 1: Selecting a template


Step 2: Entering your text


Step 3: Editing the QuickPage template styles if required



While the first step in this process is common to all page-types, Step 2 and Step 3 are both tailored to your choice of page-type. Therefore, we will split the following pages into sections specific to each of the eight page-types available by default.


There is much similarity between the settings for each, so you will likely only need to review the instructions below that are pertinent to your page-type selection.



The following sections, in this topic, split the process up into manageable pieces:

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