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Now that we understand what the Image Library can do, and why it's such a neat feature within XSitePro, we can go ahead and review the process of actually inserting images.



To get started, we first need to position our cursor at the point (in our Web page/panel) at which we want the image to be inserted.




Next, we load the image library using the right-click menu or the image toolbar button.




With the image library loaded, we can make our selection in one of two ways. We can either navigate the directory list, left, and select an image in the preview window, right, or we can click the 'Select from Hard Drive' button and select an image from our hard drive for insertion.





Note: Images selected from you hard-drive will not have the intelligent background coloring applied by XSitePro unless they are '.PNG' format with transparent background.




In this example we will select an image from the clipart library - the illustration below shows an arrow graphic selected from within the arrows subdirectory.






Once the chosen image is selected, and presuming you're happy with the background color to that image (the same color as the page background, by default) then you can now enter the image Alt-text into the text-box provided.






Finally, click the button labeled 'Insert' at the bottom of the window. The selected image will be inserted at the cursor point.

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