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Imagine you have a product called the 'Denovak Elemental CM8976-9'8 and that you have a page on your Web site located at:


Even for someone familiar with the product this would be a pretty difficult web address to remember and few people would want to actually type it into their web browser.


Imagine you were sending out a printed letter to all your customers encouraging them to take a look at the Denovak Elemental CM8976-98 page. You could include this lengthy, cumbersome and unattractive url or you could create a redirect page that had a much more memorable and attractive url. The redirect page would then redirect anyone visiting that page to the normal url.


For example you might create a redirect page called elemental.html, in which case your printed letter could just tell people to visit:


The above address is much more memorable and takes half the time to type in.



Setting up a redirect page to hide unattractive urls


To do this in XSitePro you would:



Click on the Redirect Pages button that is found on the Other tab.




Click on the button_redirect_page_add button.




In the Page Name type something such as 'Elemental'




In the Redirect Delay type 0. This will make the redirection happen the moment someone lands on the elemental.html page.




In the Redirect URL box enter the full url for the page that you want the visitor to be redirected to, which in this case would be You can either enter the full page address in the box or you can click on the folder icon and select the page from the list of pages on your site.




On the Design tab enter an appropriate sentence such as "You are being taken to the latest information on the Denovak Elemental CM8976-98." People will not usually see this message as the transfer will happen so quickly that by the time that text has been displayed the page you are redirecting to will have already appeared.




At the bottom of the Redirect Page window you will notice a box titled The url for this page will be: This is the url you need to use for this redirect page. In this case it would be

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