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Redirect pages can provide a very effective way of measuring how much traffic you are receiving from a particular advertising campaign.


Instead of pointing an advertising link directly at your home page, for example, you can point it to a redirect page instead. The redirect page would then redirect visitors directly to the home page.


The reason for doing this is that you can use log analysis software or some simple counter code to monitor how many times people visit the redirect page. You know that the only people who would visit that page are people who are sent by that specific advertising campaign so you can monitor exactly how well the advertising is performing.


People clicking on the advertising campaign wouldn't realize they'd been sent to a redirect page as they'd immediately end up on the home page after being redirected.



Setting up a redirect page for ad tracking purposes



Click on the Redirect Pages button that is found on the Other tab.




Click on the button_redirect_page_add button.




In the Page Name type something that will indicate where the traffic is coming from, for example banner-ad-1.




In the Redirect Delay type 0. This will make the redirection happen the moment someone lands on the cars.html page.




In the Redirect URL box enter the full url for the page that you want the visitor to be redirected to, which will probably be your home page, e.g.




On the Design tab enter an appropriate sentence such as You are being redirected to the Home Page.




At the bottom of the Redirect Page window you will notice a box titled "The url for this page will be:". This is the url you need to use for your banner ad, which will mean that when people click on the banner ad they go to this url rather than your home page. They end up on your home page, but they go via the redirect page rather than going straight to the home page, which makes it easy for you to monitor the response from that specific ad. In this case the redirect url will be






Measuring Traffic


How you go about measuring the amount of traffic that comes in via your redirect pages is up to you. The simplest way is to use some kind of log analysis software to analyze your server logs, if you have access to them. Over the years we've used many different packages for analyzing the server logs, but there are a couple that we would really recommend as standing out from the crowd both in terms of features and price.



Alternatively, you can make use of a page counter. There are many excellent on-line counter services available. You can find a list of some recommended services by going to:



Some web hosts provide excellent log analysis tools as part of their service. It's worth checking to see whether your web hosts provide this kind of feature.



The final way of monitoring your advertising is to use a dedicated piece of software or service. These fall into two categories; the type you install on your server and the type that runs on someone else's server.


The type you choose will depend on several factors such as whether you can install applications on your web server or at your web hosts and then, of course, there's the matter of cost. For more information on ad monitoring software and services take a look at:

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