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There are two criteria for creating responsible Pop-ups.



Any Pop-up must be relevant to your visitor. For example, if you are running a site that teaches people how to invest in gold and you have a free newsletter that offers useful advice on this subject then a responsible Pop-up could promote that newsletter and encourage visitors to benefit from it.



The Pop-up should not be annoying. What people find really frustrating is having a Pop-up appear every time they visit a certain page. Seeing a Pop-up once is usually fine, but having it Pop-up every time a page is loaded can be very annoying indeed.



For example, imagine you visit a site selling printing supplies. You arrive at the home page to the site and a window pops-up displaying today's special offer. You decide that the offer is not for you. You click on one of the links on the home page to check out the Hewlett Packard printer supplies they have in stock and another window pops-up to see if you want to join the company's mailing list. You decide not to bother at the moment and close the window.


After spending a couple of minutes browsing the Hewlett Packard page you return to the home page to perform a search for your specific printer. The moment you get back to the home page another window pops up and guess what it's about – yes, it is today's special offer again. The same one you closed only a few minutes earlier.


You close this latest window and decide enough is enough. You're going to find another site as the Pop-ups on this site are annoying you. On closing the browser window another window pops up, but this time it is promoting some kind of covert surveillance device that lets you hear conversations from half a mile away, obviously this is completely unrelated to printing supplies and you close it down.



The above scenario shows just how annoying Pop-ups can be. They can be enough to put a person of visiting your site ever again.


The two criteria are not mutually exclusive, i.e. you can't have one without the other. If you want to have responsible Pop-ups then they must be both relevant and not annoying.



XSitePro can't help you with the relevancy part, that's up to you, but it does provide you with a powerful array of tools to make sure that the Pop-ups you create are not annoying and, if you follow the instructions below you will be able to create Pop-ups that can get round most, if not all, of the Pop-up blockers used by visitors to your site. This is powerful stuff, so make sure you use that power responsibly.

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