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The Top, Tail and Middle HTML tabs let you enter text and graphics that will automatically appear in the appropriate place on any pages that are imported.


For example, if you wanted to have a Google AdSense banner at the top of every page imported just enter it into the designer screen in the Top HTML tab, and then every page you bring in will automatically have a Google AdSense above the imported page.


This is a very powerful feature that lets you customize every page you bring into your site and make it fit in with your specific requirements.



For each text inclusion, Top, Tail or Middle, either use the Designer (within each respective tab) to enter what you want to appear, in a WYSIWYG format, or use the Source tab to enter it as straight HTML.


For more detail on using the Designer, see the section in this manual called Designer.



To maximize the customization of each of the pages you import you can make full use of tokens. For example, if you wanted to include a header that included the title of the page you were importing you would enter the following into the Source tab of the Top HTML tab:





This would take the title of the Web page being inserted and add it to the top of the imported page as a header.


For more information on how to use tokens see please see the Tokens section within this manual XSitePro manual.

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