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This is a very effective script as it helps subtly connect your content to the reader by personalizing the message in the following way:


When a visitor lands on your Web page this script determines (based on the time-of-day reported by the user’s PC) whether it is morning, afternoon or evening in the visitor’s location.


Why this is a neat feature is that no matter where visitors connect from, and no matter what time of day it is, the page will always automatically adjust the greeting to individual visitors appropriately.


For example, you might have any one of the following greetings on your Web page:


Welcome, I hope you’re having a pleasant afternoon today…


Good morning – thanks for dropping by…


I bet you’re thinking “Why should I spend my evening looking at these special offers…”, right?”



All of these messages contain the ‘time of day’ script within them and have the subtle effect of ‘tuning in’ the visitor when they are reading the page copy.





Selecting this script from the list of scripts (how), and clicking the button_widget_wizard_edit_settings button loads the following screen:





There are four settings that we need to adjust on this screen:


Font - Choose the font that you would like to be used when displaying the time-of-day text, by clicking on the drop-down and then selecting the desired font.



Font Size - Choose the size of font that you would like the time-of-day text displayed in, by clicking on the drop-down font size selector and then by selecting the desired size from the list of options. You can chose anything from 6pt - 72pt.



Capitalize First Letter – Checking this box will capitalize the first letter of the time-of-day text value. This is in case you wish to start a sentence with this script text. If you leave the box unchecked, the first letter will be lower-case.



Font Color - Select the font color by clicking on the browse button to the right of the text box.



Once you have adjusted the settings click the button_image_gallery_insert button and the time of day script will be inserted into your Web page at the cursor-point.

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