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You can find the Pop Up button on the Other tab.





Clicking the Pop-up button loads a list of our existing Pop-ups. Of course, the first time you load this your list will be empty, but you can quickly populate this list by following the instructions farther on in this section, which explain how you can create new and engaging Pop-ups.





The details below explain this screen in a little more detail:



The Pop-up list:


The Pop-up list shows three pieces of information about the Pop-ups we have created in this site:


Name – the assigned name for this particular Pop-up.



Description – some brief descriptive text to help us identify our Pop-ups’ functions within the list.



Active – This column indicates to us at a glance whether or not this Pop-up is currently being used in our live site. For example, while you may have created a whole series of seasonal special offer Pop-ups, it’s obviously not likely that you would want to feature all of these Pop-ups on your site simultaneously. The Active column lets us know what’s live, and what’s not at any given time.



Other Settings/Features:


Instant Preview - Clicking on any of your Pop-ups in the list will generate a preview of that Pop-up design in the white space to the right of the Pop-ups list. This preview panel is a great quick reference tool as you click through your list of Pop-ups (which may grow to quite a list over time). It allows you to immediately see which Pop-up you have currently selected, in the list.



Adding Pop-ups – Clicking the button_popups_add button launches the process for adding a new Pop-up, detailed in the following section.



Editing Pop-ups – Clicking the button_popups_edit button launches the add/edit window for the selected Pop-up, along with all the current settings for the chosen Pop-up. This allows us to make changes to the Pop-up before saving them and returning to this list of Pop-ups.



Activating / Deactivating Pop-ups – Each Pop-up in the list will have a checkbox under the ‘Active’ column. If checked, the checkbox indicates that this Pop-up is active on your site. If unchecked, the checkbox indicates that this Pop-up is currently disabled on your site. To activate or deactivate this Pop-up, simply check, or uncheck the box as appropriate.


Note: While this activates / deactivates Pop-ups on your site, the changes will not be visible to your Web site’s visitors until you actually publish your Web site.



Deleting Pop-ups – With a particular Pop-up selected in the list, clicking the button_popups_delete button has the effect of deleting the chosen Pop-up from our list.


Note: A confirmation message will appear to confirm your intentions before the Pop-up is deleted, to avoid accidental deletions.

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