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To launch the PayPal button module, first select the Web pages tab in XSitePro, then choose the page into which you would like to insert your PayPal button from the list of Web pages, left of your screen.




With the chosen page selected, select the Design tab. On the right side of your screen, to view the page content in the WYSIWYG window, ready for editing.




In the designer window, right click with your mouse at the exact position in your Web page where you would like to insert the PayPal Buy button. This will cause a menu to appear on your screen at your mouse position.




From the menu that appears, select: ‘Insert Advertising’ and then (from the sub-menu that also appears) ‘PayPal Button’.




The menus will resemble these, below:






Clicking the ‘PayPal Button’ option in the menu will load the PayPal module:





This screen is where (once you’ve created your product listings, explained farther on in this section) you’ll be able to select a product and insert a PayPal Buy button for it, right into your page content.


Obviously, the first time you see this list, there will be no products shown – take a moment to familiarize yourself with the controls on this screen before you get started creating products.


Product List – This list shows any and all products created by you. All of the products listed will have the following information displayed, within the list:



Selection Check-box – The checkbox to the far left side of the row if information is for selecting your product from within the list. The reason you need to be able to select a specific product is so that when you click the button_paypal_insert_button button, the correct product’s details will be inserted into your page.



Product Name – The name of your product/service being sold.



Ref – The Product Reference.



PayPal account – The PayPal account into which payments will be made.



Price – Amount being charged for your product/service.



Currency – The currency in which you are charging for this product/service.



Edit / Delete Links – Clicking the Edit / Delete links for a specific product in your list will open that product’s details (for editing) or delete the product entry from the list, respectively.



Add New Product– The button_paypal_add_new button will open the product entry wizard – for adding new products to your list.



Insert Buy Button – The button_paypal_insert_button button will cause the insertion of a PayPal Buy button into your Web page (at the cursor position) for the product currently selected in the list.

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