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When you load the image library you will see the following screen:





The screen is divided into three main areas:



Directory Navigation:


Folders containing images already featured in your site and clipart images for selection. The top folder in the list contains all of your site's currently-used images. The folders below this one contain the different categories of clipart available.





Preview area:


On the right side of the screen you will see a preview of the images in the currently-selected folder.


By default the folder containing all of your site's currently-used images, and so the preview window will display the images that currently make up your Web site.


As you scroll down the list of images in the current folder (using the scroll bar on the right side of your screen) the images will load for your review.





The options at the bottom of the preview window not only affect the image library browsing settings, but also can affect that actual 'output' of the image selection process. The options include:


Background Color - This feature enables you to select an exact background color on top of which the image will be overlaid. While this might not sound very impressive as far as features go, it is - and the section on Background Color explains just why.



Thumbnail Size - When you're browsing you can specify the size of the thumbnails of the different images by selecting from the drop-down provided. The thumbnail size options are:


25 x 25 pixels

35 x 35 pixels

50 x 50 pixels

100 x 100 pixels

150 x 150 pixels

200 x 200 pixels

500 x 300 pixels

1000 x 300 pixels



As you change the thumbnail size setting, the image preview window will instantly update to show you the images in your preferred thumbnail size.



Show Image Frame Option - If selected, all images displayed in the preview window are 'framed' to make it easy to tell the different images apart. Unchecking this check-box removes this frame and sets the image against the background color without any border at all.


Note: Previewing images with this 'frame' option activated will not affect the outputted image in any way - it only affects the preview window.



Alt text - If you want to you can enter the Alt-Text for the selected image here, in the text box provided. If you do this XSitePro won't prompt you for the Alt-Text as it normally would when inserting an image.

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