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Let’s take a moment to look at what the customer experience will be, when using your PayPal button on your Web page.


On arriving at your product page, the visitor decides to buy your product and so clicks on the “Buy Now” button, presented alongside the product information.





When the user clicks the Buy Now button, they are taken to a PayPal ‘shopping cart’ in which they can now see the item they have decided to purchase, along with details confirming back to them that, yes, this is indeed the correct product.


Having reviewed their selection, in the PayPal shopping cart, the user may either log into their existing PayPal account, before quickly completing the purchase, or alternatively the user may pay using a credit or debit card using the secure payment form beneath the shopping basket. The screen-shot below shows the cart:





Note: The fact that PayPal is such a widely recognized and trusted payment processor means that when the customer clicks your ‘buy’ button and is presented with this (third party) PayPal cart screen you can be confident that they will not ‘abandon’ the purchase.



Shopping Cart Abandonment


Shopping cart abandonment is a common problem affecting many online stores. In using the PayPal payment system you are helping to minimize this problem on your site. Trust is incredibly important when trying to take payments in respect of goods, and PayPal has done an exceptional job of building that trust with its users.


On completing the payment using the PayPal transaction process (which takes seconds) the user is passed back to your site, to a ‘success’ page specified by you when inserting your PayPal button into your Web page.


In short, the process is:


Product Page >> PayPal purchase process >> Success Page.



The process is short, simple and importantly returns the customer to your store at a designated page. In many cases this page itself will be the download page for your product (be it an e-book, training product or other digital file) or perhaps it will be a polite notification that you’ll be in touch shortly to arrange shipment (if it’s a physical product).



In the sections that now follow the necessary steps required to insert PayPal Buy buttons into your page will be covered in detail.

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