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Keyword mentioned an appropriate number of times through your site.



Plenty of quality links coming in from other, related sites.



A sufficient amount of new and regularly updated content.



XSitePro will help you with all three of these. You can use the SEO tab to analyze your pages to make sure they are search engine friendly. You can use the Links page creation tool found under the Other tab to build up a good reciprocal links strategy and you can make use of all the easy page creation processes that are built-in to the software to add pages on a regular basis.


If you only succeed in two of the three success factors you will find it is much harder to maintain any success over the medium to long term.


For example, if you mention the keywords in all the right places and you have plenty of incoming links you may rank well for a while (although there are no guarantees), but if you never update the site it is likely to eventually start to drop down the rankings.



Pick your niche carefully


Now, one word of caution. The 3–factors for search engine success will always work, no matter which market place you choose, but you do need to bear in mind that some markets are far more competitive than others.


For example, if you want to get a top ten ranking on Google for a generic term such as online gambling you are going to struggle as this is such an incredibly competitive market place. If you work hard enough and follow the 3-factors diligently enough you will undoubtedly see some success, but you would be far better off looking at specializing in a particular part of that niche and trying to dominate that instead. Rather than go for online gambling as a whole you might choose to go for online poker or maybe online horse racing. These are still both competitive market places, but you will stand much more chance succeeding in them than you will on the generic term of online gambling.


Even if your site is a generic site it can be often worthwhile accepting that you won't win on the generic term, but you can get lots of traffic on a more niche term and then sell the generic product to those visitors.


Take the e-greetings card business for example. Again this is a competitive market and the chances of you getting a good ranking on the terms e-greeting cards or online greeting cards is very slim. Instead of going for the catch-all term why not look outside the box a little. What else might people be searching for? Not everyone will put in the generic term. Why not try optimizing your site, or at least some of the pages on your site for some of the following:


Wedding cards

Condolence cards

New baby card

Congratulations on your new job cards



Another thing worth remembering is that if you optimize your pages correctly, you will find out how to do this below and in the chapter on keywords, you will be amazed at how many doorways to your Web site you create.


For example, imagine your site specialized in pedigree dogs and you had a large Web site covering this major topic. Among all the hundreds of pages you've created over the years you have one page that is optimized for the term "worming tablets for Yorkshire terriers". Now, the number of people searching for that term will be miniscule, but whenever somebody does search for that phrase whose page do you think will come right out at number one on the search engine – yes yours!


One of the major benefits to slowly building up a large site is that you end up with pages optimized for pretty much every eventuality. Each one of those pages has the potential to be a doorway to your site. If you optimize that page correctly it is like hanging a big sign on the door that says "Come in if you are after worming tablets for a Yorkshire Terrier".


This is how it might look in Google.


Worming Tablets for Yorkshire Terriers

Worming advice and resources for Yorkshire Terrier dogs. Includes advice on the best tablets to use, where to get them from and what to stay away from.



How could anyone searching for worming tablets for Yorkshire Terriers resist clicking on this link if it appeared at the top of the search engine results page.


The example just given is very specific to stress the point. Often you will get an excellent ranking on a far more popular term and the more pages you have the more chance you will stand of being found, providing you have done the necessary work in XSitePro's Page Analysis section to ensure that the page is search engine friendly.

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