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There is a quick and easy way to find out whether you have entered the correct details. Just click on





The software will attempt to connect to your ftp server. If the connection is successful you will get the following message:





Seeing a confirmation message like the one above means that you have entered all the correct details and you are now ready to publish your site.



If any of the details you enter are incorrect you will receive an appropriate message such as 'Incorrect Password'. You would then need to re-enter your FTP information and try again.



There are situations where you have entered all the correct details, but you still receive an error message. For example, this could occur if the ftp server is unavailable, either temporarily or permanently. You may have been sent incorrect details from the web hosts or it might just be that you are not connected to the Internet (you do need to be connected to the Internet to upload your files to your web hosts).

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