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The Taskbar Scheduler is a very exciting feature in XSitePro, designed to put your web-site building process onto auto-pilot for you.


There are effectively two different ways that this feature can help you keep your Web site looking in great shape with minimal effort.



Automatically publishing new page content.


Working in unison with the page ‘Scheduling’ option in your advanced Web page settings you can pre-write your page content and have the Taskbar scheduler pick up those new pages, at the appropriate date, and publish them for you – all automatically.




Automatically publishing a new version (or even versions) of your whole site.


Create one or more different versions of your whole site (by simply copying your site, and then adjusting it). Then, using the Taskbar Scheduler tool you can set these different site versions to publish on specific dates, in sequence – again, all automatically.



Why is ‘fresh’ content important?


The Internet is full of what are often referred to as ‘cobwebs’ – sites which were published once and then forgotten about, giving little value to the visitor – disliked by search engines.


Remember, two of the key metrics for evaluating the quality of search engine results are whether those sites you see at the top of the results:



Are ‘genuine, quality content’



100% relevant to your search query



If you think about this for a moment it doesn’t take too long to realize that an eight year-old page that hasn’t been touched since first being published is unlikely to deliver particularly highly on either of the two counts above.


The result? A low-ranking within the search engine results. It would seem that Search Engines assign a higher rank to those sites delivering quality, relevant content on an ongoing basis, over a period of time.



Don’t Peak too soon!


Sites with hundreds and hundreds of pages suddenly appearing overnight are almost guaranteed to trip Search Engines’ warning systems. There is something a little ‘suspicious’ (at least, in the Search Engines’ view) about a massive site (or huge quantity of pages) appearing in one shot. Search Engines would rather see quality sites being built ‘organically’ over a period of months and years. This is arguably a more ‘natural’ trait amongst quality sites (albeit with some exceptions), and this natural approach to building your site content is something you should aim to replicate.



What’s so great about the Taskbar Scheduler tool is that it allows you to add a substantial quantity of content to your site in one hit (so you can add articles, news, Private Label Rights (PLR) content, reviews, product pages, download pages, resource pages and more) but then have XSitePro spread this content out over a period of time for you. The best of both worlds!


On a purely practical level, this scheduling tool can help you get some additional pages live while you’re out of town, on vacation for example. If you have some newsletters or article content appearing on your site while enjoying some down-time, your site’s visitors will think it’s ‘business as normal’ – one less thing to worry about while you're lying on the beach...



In the following sections we’ll examine how we can use the Taskbar Scheduling tool to update our content on auto-pilot.

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