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The Sys tray icon has a special property in that if you right-click on the icon, in the Windows Taskbar sys tray (next to the clock) a small menu will appear with some options.


This menu is shown in the illustration below:





From the menu above, you can select:


Open – Opens the Taskbar Scheduling module ready for you to make setting adjustments.



Active – This option (if selected) means the scheduler is currently running, and when the publishing schedule requires, it will go about publishing your sites as you have instructed. By default this setting is selected (i.e the scheduler is active by default).



Paused – This option, if selected, will pause the scheduler. Even if any of your publishing tasks’ times arrive, the sites will not be published while the scheduler is paused. To un-pause the scheduler you simply need to right-click the icon once again, and select the “Active” menu option, as described above.



Exit – Clicking this menu option will close the Taskbar Scheduler completely. None of your scheduled tasks will run while the scheduler is closed. To restart the scheduler you may launch it from the programs folder (off your start-menu, on the windows task-bar).



Note: If you specified, in the Taskbar scheduler preferences, that the scheduler should load automatically, every time windows starts, then the scheduler will re-open next time you restart your computer.

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