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Clicking the button_scheduler_prefs button from within the Taskbar Scheduler module will load a single screen upon which we can adjust settings relating to the scheduler tool itself. This screen is shown below:





In the screen above you will see that there is only one setting that applies to the Taskbar Scheduling tool:


Load Taskbar Scheduler on Windows Startup – This option determines whether or not the XSitePro Taskbar scheduler will automatically load when Windows starts. If selected, the Taskbar scheduler will be loaded in the background every time windows starts, and the application icon will appear in the bottom right-hand-corner of your windows task-bar (in the sys-tray) next to the clock. For more information on this icon, visit the taskbar scheduler sys tray icon properties section in this manual.





Note: The taskbar scheduler will run independently of the main XSitePro application. This is so that if you select this auto-start option the system overhead is minimized by not loading the full XSitePro application only to publish your site(s) in accordance with the Publishing schedule.



To activate this automatic start option, check the check-box (by clicking on it). To de-activate it, uncheck the check-box (again, by clicking on the check-box).





To commit any changes made, click the button_application_ok button to return to the Scheduled publishing tasks list.

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