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The final tab in the XML site maps setup process relates to the actual process of submitting your XML site map to Google. This will trigger the spidering process for your site.


The fourth tab will look like the screen shown below:





There are three things that you need to make sure you do (or have done) in order for your XML site map to start working for you.


Register for a Google account – You will need a Google Account in order to submit the site maps. If you do not have one click on the button_XML_sitemap_go_to_google button. You will be taken to a page similar to the one below.


Somewhere on the page that appears there will be a link or button to ‘Create a Google Account’ (circled in red on the screenshot below). Click on that link and set up your account.


As part of the process you need to give Google your email address and they will send you a message containing a link for you to activate your account.





Publish Your Site Map – Once you have submitted your XML file link (explained below) Google may often spider your site in as little as an hour after you submit. Therefore, you need to make sure that the site map you’re currently creating is published to your web space right away, so that it’s where Google’s spider expects to find it, when it visits your site.


Click the button_XML_sitemap_publish_now button to publish your site (along with the new XML site map).



Submit Site Map – Now you need to tell Google that you have created a site map and also where to find it. First log into your Google account by going to the following Web site:



Click on the ‘Add a Site map’ link on the above page and enter the URL for your site map. To make this step easy for you, XSitePro presents the exact link to use. Simply cut and paste the link text shown in the box within this part of these settings screen. The link will resemble the text below:



Having entered the information in the sections above, your XML site map will be ready for spidering, and Google will visit your site in due course. This could have a marked effect on your site’s indexing and so your time will have almost certainly been well spent working through the four tabs.



You may now close this window by clicking the button_XML_sitemap_finish button. This will return you to the Other tab in XSitePro.

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