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In this screen you will be estimating how often each page is likely to be updated. On arriving at the Update Frequency tab the screen will look like the image below:





Similar to the list on the previous tab, this screen presents you with a list of all your Web pages along with settings that indicate the intended frequency with which you will update the respective page. The options range from Always through to Never.



Frequency check-boxes – If a Web page, in the list, is a ‘static’ page (i.e. regular text and images updated by you, manually from time to time) then you should set this page’s update frequency to be an accurate reflection of how often you expect to be editing and re-publishing that page. If a page contains some dynamic content e.g. an RSS feed, then you should set the update frequency to how often you expect that page content to change (e.g. hourly).


To choose an update frequency from the seven check-box options, simply click on the respective option to place a check in its checkbox. The options available are:











Our recommendation would be that you are as honest as you can be with regard to update frequency. The reason Google have requested you specify the frequency is that it helps them to prioritize their site spidering. If you mislead them about the frequency of updating for a page it could mean that they keep spidering your page even though it doesn't need to be, which defeats the whole purpose. Honesty is the best policy in this regard as it will help you avoid possible penalties farther down the line.



Again, there are buttons at the bottom to quickly update every page. Use the seven check-boxes at the bottom of the screen to quickly set the frequency for all pages, in the list above, to the same frequency.



When you have set all of your pages’ frequency, click the button_application_next button to move onto the fourth and final settings tab.

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