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When you arrive at this tab, the screen will resemble the following illustration:





On this screen you will see a list of your Web site’s pages, and some check-boxes to the right of each. We will use these settings to determine whether or not each page is included in the XML site map and, if included, what ‘importance’ you place on each page.


Note: By assigning an importance to your pages you help the Google spiders ensure that priority is given to your ‘best’ pages, and that slightly less-important page content does not ‘dilute’ your site’s quality and, therefore, ranking – more detail on this follows, below.



Exclusion & Priority Check-boxes – For each page in the list you need to specify whether this page should be excluded from the Site map (i.e. it won't appear in the Google Site map file that is created) or how important the page is.


The pages that you want Google to look at first and give most importance to would be ranked as High (e.g. your home page and any sales pages for example), pages that are still important, but less so, would be ranked as Medium (maybe old press releases and news items) and pages that aren't really important as far as search engine positioning is concerned would be classed as low (terms and conditions and privacy statement for example).


Please remember that the importance which you give to a page will affect the order in which Google spiders your other pages. It does not affect their eventual position in the search results.



Set All Check-boxes – There are four check-boxes right at the bottom of the list that will quickly set the ranking for all pages, in the list above, to the same ranking.



When you have made the required changes to the list of pages, you may click the button_application_next button to move onto the third settings tab.

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