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Sub pages are a very powerful part of XSitePro. They will help you to create a well-organized site that is easy to manage, while at the same time providing visitors to your site with an easy to navigate experience and also helping your site to register well with the search engines, due to it creating an attractive hierarchical tree structure that search engine spiders find very easy to navigate through.


The sub-page feature gives you the power to create sites that would normally require a considerable amount of database programming to set up. The great thing is that you do not need to know anything about databases and, like with everything else in XSitePro, you do not even need to know HTML.


With sub-pages you can add a new page into a section of your site and in so doing the main category page will also be updated (without you doing anything at all), as will the hierarchical site map and alphabetical site maps.


Here's an example of how sub-pages can be used.


Imagine you have a site that specializes in plans for log cabins. You set up several main pages for each of the main categories of plan. For example,


1 and 2 bed basic cabins

1 and 2 bed deluxe cabins

3 bed basic cabins

3 bed deluxe cabins

4+ bed basic cabins

4+ bed deluxe cabins



If each of these categories had, for example, ten plans each that would give a total of over sixty pages, including the category pages themselves. This could become quite difficult to manage, but with XSitePro it's simple.


All you would do is create all of the plans as sub-pages of the category under which it fell. Each time you add a new plan the software would automatically update the category page with the name and a short description.


Below is an example of how one of the category pages might look.





This page is easy to create. It is just a normal page with a bulleted list of the plan pages inserted in an appropriate place. Every time you add a new plan into this category it would automatically be added to this list. You do not need to remember to do it. XSitePro will do everything for you. Just add the new plan, republish your site and this category page would be updated.


Below is an example of what the page list for the above site might look like.



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