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Sticky notes are a very effective way of communicating a short, important message to your visitors. This message might be about a one-time offer, a news announcement or signposting exercise. The important thing to remember is not to overuse this – at best it can annoy your visitors, at worst it can cause them to leave your site altogether.


These ‘notes’ can appear to fade into view, and can then disappear after a preset time (or upon the visitor closing the note). What’s more, the note can even ‘follow’ the visitor as they scroll down the page, ensuring that your message gets across.




How do we achieve these effects? Let’s take a look:





Selecting this script from the list of scripts (how), and clicking the button_widget_wizard_edit_settings button loads the following screen:




Now, we need to set five different values:


Display Rate – the frequency with which the note will appear. This can be ‘every time the page in question loads’ or alternatively can be set to 50%, 25% or just 10% of the times a visitor passes by this particular page, (so as not to overload them with your sales message). Finally, you may even elect to display your note to visitors only once during any given visit.


Select your preferred frequency from the drop-down list.



Fade – Check the box to enable a ‘fade-in’ effect for your sticky note. If unchecked, the note will appear immediately.



Auto-Hide – Check the box to automatically remove the sticky note from view after a predetermined time (in seconds). To choose the amount of time, after which the note disappears, select the value from the drop-down provided. This value can be anything between one and thirty seconds.



Persist in View – This setting, if checked, will ensure that the sticky note stays in view of the visitor even if they scroll down the page. If selected, the note will ‘slide’ down the page as the visitor scrolls. You should only really use this feature if it is imperative that your message be passed, as it may be seen as somewhat ‘invasive’ by some of your site’s visitors.



Background Color – This setting, if checked, will ensure that the sticky note stays in view of the visitor even if



Design – By clicking the button_sticky_note_designer button you may specify the content of your sticky note. The XSitePro designer window will appear:





Within the designer window you may edit your note content as you would any normal page content, although you should note that the sticky note uses a colored background - you may find that the content you design does not look right when you preview your page because of this, so if this proves the case simply edit your script and change the content appropriately.



Once you have adjusted the settings described above, simply click the button_image_gallery_insert button to insert the script into your Web page at the cursor-point.

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