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When you arrive at this final step in the Pop-up creation process you will see a screen like the one shown below:





This tab is designed to let you quickly review your new Pop-up before committing the changes to your Web site design. It also contains a handy ‘reset’ button which will ensure you can continue to preview your own Pop-ups without some rules you set (governing frequency, triggers and stops) hampering things.


Preview Popup Button - To launch your Pop-up, click the button_popups_preview button. This will launch a new explorer window, and will trigger the Pop-up (no matter what frequency/trigger settings you specified) as a preview for you to check.


If there is anything you do not like about your Pop-up design, then you have an opportunity now to make these required changes before reviewing again – until you are absolutely happy with the Pop-up design.



Reset Pop-ups in Preview Pages Button – When you are previewing your Pop-ups on your computer cookies will be written to your machine to tell it which pages you've visited and which Pop-ups you have seen and when.


This can make it difficult when you are trying to find out whether everything is working or not as once you have met the conditions of the cookie (e.g. you have visited the thank you page) you will no longer see the Pop-up.


To help you get round this, button_popups_reset will reset the cookies for this Pop-up on your local machine. This will cause the Pop-up to appear just as though this was your first ever visit to your own site.



When you are satisfied with your Pop-up design, you can commit these changes (and activate the Pop-up, ready for publishing) by clicking the button_popups_finish. This will save all the settings and return you to the Pop-up manager screen, with your new Pop-up now displayed in the list.



On returning to the screen listing the Pop-ups on your Web site, you will notice that by default this Pop-up is ‘active’ (the check-box is checked, in the ‘active’ column). To de-activated this Pop-up at any point you can simply uncheck this checkbox. This gives you almost instant control over where your Pop-ups are being used on your site.



With a broad selection of offers, quality promotions, enticing name-grab devices and tested variations of your designs, you can end up with quite a powerful promotions arsenal at your fingertips.

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