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This final step is simply a handy preview of your completed form design. You can take a look at exactly how your form is going to look when your Web page is published. This gives a final opportunity to click back to an earlier tab and make last-minute changes to the design before completing the Forms Wizard.





Note: Remember, as mentioned earlier in this section, if you complete this Forms Wizard and then later decide you would like to make changes to your design, don’t panic – you can right-click your form placeholder in your Web page design, and select “Form Wizard Properties” to edit this form’s properties.



To complete the Forms Wizard, and insert your great-looking form into your Web page at the cursor point, click the button_application_save button. This will close the Forms Wizard and insert your form.



Be sure to test your form on your Web page thoroughly to ensure that it works. Changes to the settings may be made quickly if you find there are any problems with the form submission.

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