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When you arrive at this sixth step in the Pop-up creation process you will see a screen like the one shown below:





‘Stops’ are designed simply to prevent your Pop-up from displaying once a visitor has viewed a specific page (or one of a selection of pages). Stops are optional – you can proceed without making a selection on this screen if you don’t wish to use this feature.



An example of where you might want to use this feature is to avoid situations like having a Pop-up requesting visitors join your mailing-list, even though they have already joined.


In the example above, all you’d need to do is specify that the thank-you page (for your mailing list sign-up form) is a ‘stop’ page for this particular name-grab Pop-up. That way, if a visitor ever lands on that stop page (your thank-you page, for signing up to the mailing list) then they would no longer be presented with the ‘join the newsletter’ Pop-up.


Note: If you want to know how to create name-grab forms, you can learn how to do this in the Forms Wizard section of this manual.



Another example where you might use ‘stops’ is if you were offering a 15% discount on all orders. Would people who have already placed an order want to see this Pop-up? No they wouldn’t.



Membership sites are another situation where ‘stops’ are useful. If you are running a site that gives people access to special information when they become a member do you think they will want to see a Pop-up promoting a membership each time they return to your site to log into the member's area. It's completely unnecessary to keep promoting the membership scheme to people who are already a member.



A final situation where you might want to employ this feature is where you have a product promotion which, on a visitor clicking through and purchasing the product in question, is quietly disabled – its job having been done at that point.



This might all sound totally obvious, but you’d be amazed at just how many sites feature Pop-ups which, no matter what you do, keep coming back and back and back (until you stop coming back!).



Stop Page(s) Selection – In the tab 6 screen you will see a list of the pages currently in your Web site. To select the page(s) that should act as a ‘stop’ for this particular Pop-up, check the checkbox adjacent to the respective page name(s), in the list.


Note: If you do not wish to have any ‘stop’ pages for this Pop-up then you do not have to select any pages.


The example below shows some fictional pages which have been selected, in a list – just to show how multiple page selections might appear in your list.





Once you have selected any Stop page(s), or not - as required, proceed to the next step by clicking the button_application_next button. This will move you on to the final step in this Pop-up wizard.

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