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If you selected ListMail Pro as your submission method, back in Step 1, the settings you will be presented with in Step 6 will resemble those below:





In this screen there are only two pieces of information we need to specify, in order to make our form work with an existing ListMail Pro mailing list.


Note: As with the AWeber and GetResponse integration options, you must have already set up ListMail Pro on your web-space, configured it to work correctly and created a mailing list, in order to integrate your XSitePro form with a ListMail Pro mailing list. For more information on setting up ListMail Pro account, visit



Path to ListMail Pro Signup – When you install ListMail Pro, you will have installed it on a hosted domain. The standard installation path for ListMail Pro, for example, is where ‘’ is, of course, your own web domain.


The default signup path, building on the above example, would be (again, where ‘’ is your own Web site domain).


If you have any uncertainties about the full path to your ListMail Pro signup.php file, you should visit the ListMail Pro Web site for support at


On entering the full path to your signup.php file, you now need to enter one more important piece of information:



List Number – When creating a list number in ListMail Pro, the list is automatically assigned a list number by your copy of ListMail Pro. This number normally appears in the top-left corner of your window when creating a new list in the ListMail Pro interface.


You must enter the number of the list to which you wish this XSitePro form to submit, in the space provided.


Having entered these two bits of information, your screen will look something like this:





Note: Remember, the above picture is just an example – you should substitute your actual domain/list information in order for your form to function correctly.



If you are using the ListMail Pro submission option, you’re done! You can now click the button_application_next at the bottom of your screen to proceed to the final step in the Forms Wizard.



For those users who selected the E-Mail submission option, we’ll now review the settings for this, below:

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