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If you selected E-Mail as your submission method, back in Step 1, the settings you will be presented with in Step 6 will resemble those below:





In this screen there are four pieces of information that need to be provided before we can insert the form in our Web page.


E-mail address to Send To – In this box you need to enter the e-mail address to which you would like the visitors entries (into your form) sending. This can be any e-mail address of your choice.


Note: Any e-mail address you specify for this form submission will not be visible either to visitors or robots crawling your page, so you should not receive spam e-mails to this address.



Subject – The text you enter in this field will determine the subject of your incoming e-mails, from this form. Choose a piece of short descriptive text that will help you immediately identify the e-mail in question as having come from a submission from your form (and to potentially differentiate e-mail from this form, from e-mails from other forms).



Thank-you Page – This thank-you page is the page to which your visitors will be automatically taken, when they press the submit button on this form.


You can either use an existing page (in this XSitePro site) or create a brand new one, right now, as preferred. Let’s briefly take a look at these two options in a bit more detail:



An existing page on your current XSitePro Web site – To select your page in this existing site, simply click the button_forms_wizard_page_selector drop-down selector and choose one of the existing pages within your site.



A new page in your current XSitePro Web site – To create a new page, right now, to which the visitor should be taken (perhaps a page called “Thank You”, for example) you can click the button_forms_wizard_create_new_page button. Clicking this button will load the ‘Create New Page’ window:





Just as you would normally do, when creating a Web page in XSitePro, simply name your page, specify some keywords and a description and then finally, click the button_add_new_web_page_create button.


Note: You don’t need to add this page to any of your site navigation (or even the site map) since it is not a content page – it is only intended to be seen by those visitors who have filled out and submitted your form.


Once you have created your page, the name of this (new) page will appear as the selected page on the page selection drop-down:





Remember, if you are using a page in your existing site (existing or new) you will need to remember to check out that page later, in the Design Tab, to ensure that there is a suitable ‘message’ to the visitor, who will be directed to that page on submitting their details to you via your form. For example, any of the following headings might be appropriate:


Thanks for sending us your details

We’ll send you the free report shortly

Check your e-mail for confirmation of your free gift

We will keep your details safe!

Success! We’ve received your submission



Tip: As well as thanking the visitor, you may want to think about using this thank-you page to generate additional actions.


Additional actions, mentioned in the tip above, might include:


Recommend this service/product to a friend

Check out this special, one-time offer

Download this additional bonus

Take advantage of this today-only price

And so on...



Extra Form Inputs – This option allows you to specify additional form fields, that will be displayed to your visitors along with the initial ‘First Name’ and ‘E-Mail’ fields. If you do not wish to add any more fields you may skip this setting, but if you would like additional fields adding, click the button_forms_wizard_add_extra_fields button.


Why add more form fields?


You may want to collect other information from your visitors over and above the visitor’s name and e-mail address. Such information might include:


Other personal information (address, telephone, age, etc.)

Details of any referral (where did you here about us?)

What product is the visitor interested in?

General visitor comments



Adding more form fields (e-mail submission only)


Clicking the button_forms_wizard_add_extra_fields button will open a new window:





In this window there are a number of controls we can use to add, edit, delete and arrange any new form fields we might create. These include:


Add Button button_forms_wizard_add_extra_fields_add – Clicking this button will load the “Add new form field window”:





When creating a new form field, you specify three things:



The Field Type (what sort of form field you would like to add. This can be a checkbox or a text input box up to 8 lines in height).



The Field Name – The name of the form field – this is not seen by the visitor.



The Field Label – This is the text label attached to the form text input box. The visitor will see this text, so it should reflect the additional form field itself.



Edit Button button_forms_wizard_add_extra_fields_edit – Clicking this button, with an existing ‘additional form filed’ selected in the list will open the add/edit window, pre-filled with the current settings for the selected additional form field.



Delete Button button_forms_wizard_add_extra_fields_delete – With a list entry selected, clicking the delete button removes the selected ‘additional form field’. This form field will now no longer be displayed on the form in your Web page.



Move Up/Down Buttons – If you select one of your additional form fields, in the list, and click either the ‘Move Up’ or ‘Move Down’ buttons, the additional form field will move up, or down, the list accordingly. When your additional fields are added to your form design they will be added in the order in which they appear in this list.




Note on additional form fields: When adding form fields take care to avoid asking too much of your visitors. There is understandably a direct correlation between how much information you ask for and how many people will be prepared to bother filling out your form. Also people are generally reluctant to part with copious amounts of personal information.



When you are happy with your additional form fields (if any) you can click the button_forms_wizard_add_extra_fields_ok button to return to the Step 6 Tab in the Forms Wizard.



PHP Confirmation - Before finishing with this screen you must confirm whether or not your web host (to which this Web site will be published) supports PHP. Click on the relevant option accordingly, or use the 'Check my Web-space' button to run a quick PHP test of your web-space.



Having specified the settings for your e-mail form submission, you may now click the button_application_next at the bottom of your screen to proceed to the final step in the Forms Wizard.

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