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If you selected AWeber as your submission method, back in Step 1, the settings you will be presented with in Step 6 will resemble those below:





In this screen there are two very important pieces of information we need to specify, in order for our form to function correctly.


Note: As with the XMailPro, GetResponse and ListMail Pro integration options, you must have already set up an AWeber account, and a ‘List’, in order to integrate your XSitePro form with them. For more information on setting up a AWeber account, visit



List Name – This is the name of your AWeber list which you will have created in your existing AWeber account before creating your XSitePro form. As a simple guide, the list name was the unique name that you assigned to your AWeber list when you created it. AWeber supplies you with an e-mail submission link, then, in the format (where, of course, ‘listname’ is the actual unique name you gave your own AWeber list).


If you are in any way unsure what your list name is, visit the AWeber Web site for more information:


Once you have established what your list name is, enter it in the text box in Step 6 of the Forms Wizard.


Note: You do not need the “” text – only the list name itself.



Redirect Page


A redirect page is the page to which the visitor is automatically taken, when they press the submit button on your form. This page is often referred to as a “thank-you page” or “success page” as it usually used to inform the customer that their form submission was successful, or to thank them for submitting their details.


There are three different pages you can use at this point:


An existing page on your current XSitePro Web site – To select your page in this existing site, simply click the button_forms_wizard_page_selector drop-down selector and choose one of the existing pages within your site.



A new page in your current XSitePro Web site – To create a new page, right now, to which the visitor should be taken (perhaps a page called “Thank You”, for example) you can click the button_forms_wizard_create_new_page button. Clicking this button will load the ‘Create New Page’ window:





Just as you would normally do, when creating a Web page in XSitePro, simply name your page, specify some keywords and a description and then finally, click the button_add_new_web_page_create button.


Note: You don’t need to add this page to any of your site navigation (or even the site map) since it is not a content page – it is only intended to be seen by those visitors who have filled out and submitted your form.


Once you have created your page, the name of this (new) page will appear as the selected page on the page selection drop-down:




Remember, if you are using a page in your existing site (existing or new) you will need to remember to check out that page later, in the Design Tab, to ensure that there is a suitable ‘message’ to the visitor, who will be directed to that page on submitting their details to you via your form. For example, any of the following headings might be appropriate:


Thanks for sending us your details

We’ll send you the free report shortly

Check your e-mail for confirmation of your free gift

We will keep your details safe!

Success! We’ve received your submission



Tip: As well as thanking the visitor, you may want to think about using this thank-you page to generate additional actions.


Additional actions, mentioned in the tip above, might include:


Recommend this service/product to a friend

Check out this special, one-time offer

Download this additional bonus

Take advantage of this today-only price

And so on...



The default AWeber thank-you page – If you would like the visitor to be taken to the default, standard AWeber-controlled thank-you page, simple leave the page selection drop-down blank.



Note: This is not really recommended, since the AWeber thank-you page is on AWeber’s own Web site, not yours. Effectively, on filling out your form, visitors would be taken off your site if you decided to use this option.


It is much better that the visitor remains on your site of course, and so you should use an existing (or new) page on your XSitePro site wherever possible.



If you are using the AWeber submission option, you’re done! You can now click the button_application_next at the bottom of your screen to proceed to the final step in the Forms Wizard.



For those users who selected one of the other three submission options, we’ll now review the settings for these, below:

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