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On arriving at the Step 6 tab, the screen will resemble the one shown below:





This neat feature in the mobile site wizard enables you to actually preview your mobile Web site, for real, in a life-size photographic rendition of a mobile phone - with your site right there, on the screen!


It's like holding a phone in your hand and accessing your mobile site right there and then. All you need to do is pick from one of the six different simulators from the drop-down list in the center of your screen:


Blackberry 8800

IMate Pocket PC

Nokia 6270

Nokia E51

Samsung P260

Siemens C75



Once you have selected your preferred cellphone from the list, click the 'Generate Preview' button.





A new browser window will appear, displaying the mobile site preview, for you to review.



If you are happy with the way your site looks you can now proceed to the final step, simply by clicking the 'Next' button.

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