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When you first arrive at this screen it will look like the picture below:





On this screen you will see one option only. The option shown allows you to add what is called “PayPal Buy Button Encryption”.


PayPal Buy Button Encryption is an added layer of protection that you can give your buy button, so that your transaction data (being passed do the PayPal servers) cannot be ‘hijacked’ by unscrupulous individuals. The encryption feature renders the transaction details (including your PayPal e-mail address) unreadable, even at a source code level.


The only circumstances in which you might wish to disable this encryption are where you intend to edit your published Web page HTML code in order to add features such as ‘option fields’ (more information on which you will find at the PayPal Web site. Unless you have specific reasons for doing so, it is recommended that you enable the encryption feature when creating your PayPal Buy Now button



Enable PayPal Buy Button Encryption – To activate this extra level of protection, simply check the check-box by clicking on it. This will then automatically apply the encryption to your PayPal button when you insert it into your page.


If you later decide to remove this encryption feature, you may uncheck this same checkbox.



Once you have made your selection (enabling or disabling the encryption option as required) you can now complete the PayPal Buy now button creation process by clicking the button_paypal_finish button.



Clicking the finish button will return you to the PayPal product list, in which you will now see your new product listed alongside any others you may have already created.


As mentioned earlier in this section, you may now select a product in the list (by clicking the checkbox to the left of the product name, in the list) and then by clicking the button_paypal_insert_button button. This will insert the PayPal Buy Now button for the selected product at the cursor point, in the Web page designer window.


Remember, when viewing your PayPal button in the Web page designer window you will see a small ‘Placeholder’ box, not the button graphic itself. Right-clicking this placeholder and choosing ‘PayPal Properties’ opens the Paypal settings for that particular buy button, allowing you to make changes to the product that this button represents.



When you next publish your site, your PayPal button will be displayed, ready for customers.



Note: You must make sure that you don’t forget to edit any Success & Failure pages you may have created when in the PayPal module. These pages will benefit hugely from the type of content described in the Success / Failure page section of this topic.

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