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On arriving at the Step 5 tab, the screen will resemble the one shown below:





The settings on this screen are very important as they will dictate how any traffic arriving at your mobile site, but from a REGULAR browser, is handled.



Why is someone going to land on my mobile site from a regular browser?


It can happen - if your pages are indexed by search engines and displayed as a valid search result to a visitor there is a possibility they may click on them. Also, perhaps you will send a mailing at some point to 'would-be mobile browsers' informing of your wonderful new mobile Web site... There's a statistical inevitability that someone, somewhere will pop that address into their regular browser and land at your mobile site.



So, how to deal with this?


Simple. XSitePro automatically includes a link to our main site if it detects that someone is accessing your mobile site from a regular browser. That way, when someone lands on the mobile sites and thinks "darn.. wrong site!" there will be a convenient link for them to follow right through to your regular site.



Not only can you include this feature, by checking the checkbox at the top of the screen, but you can also specify whether you would like this link presenting on all pages or only on the home page of the mobile site. Simply select from the two options available on this screen:


Redirect link on ALL pages

Redirect link only on Home Page



Finally, you can customize the redirect link text so that it makes sense to your visitors in the event they have landed on your mobile site in error. By default this message is "Please click HERE to go to my main site." but you could change this to any message you want.



When you have made the settings changes you require, click the 'Next' button to proceed to the next step.

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