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When you arrive at this fourth step in the Pop-up creation process you will see a screen like the one shown below:





Note: If you are creating a Site Exit Pop-up this tab is not applicable, and so you can advance to step 5 right away. Site Exit Pop-ups are displayed only when the user leaves your Web site, and so no ‘trigger pages’ are required.



By now, having read the previous sections of this manual, you should be well aware of the potential pitfalls of over-using the Pop-up tool. It is important that the relevancy of your Pop-up extend to the page upon which the visitor sees it. For example, consider the two following scenarios:


Example Pop-up #1 –As a valued customer, please take a moment to fill out our customer satisfaction survey”. One-time Pop-up, presented when visitor first lands on home page.


Example Pop-up #2 –Thanks for your purchase – would you mind filling out our after-sales quality survey?”. One-time Pop-up, presented on the thank-you page, following a purchase.


Clearly, from the two examples above, the second Pop-up is going to be more relevant than the first. After all, visitors landing on your home page for the first time are unlikely to be ‘customers’ of your site yet, and so a satisfaction survey is not relevant to them.



Think about where, on your Web site, the different Pop-up devices would be most appropriate (and most effective).


Consider the following questions:



Would a name-grab Pop-up work best on the home-page or the free offers page?



Where should you up-sell your other products, using a Pop-up? On the products page, or after a sale has completed (so on your thank-you/success page)?



In this context, the Pop-up wizard gives you the chance to select ‘Trigger Pages’ – pages which, when displayed, will launch your Pop-up. In this way you can keep your Pop-ups truly targeted to your visitors.


Trigger Page(s) Selection – In the tab 4 screen you will see a list of the pages currently in your Web site. To select the page(s) upon which you would like your Pop-up to feature, check the checkbox adjacent to the respective page name(s), in the list.


The example below shows some fictional pages which have been selected, in a list – just to show how multiple page selections might appear in your list.




Once you have selected your trigger page(s) you may proceed to the next step at this point. Click the button_application_next to move on to Step 5 in the wizard.

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