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By default, all pages in your site are searched by the Site Search form tool. This is fine if all your pages contain relevant content, but what about non-content pages? For example:


Site maps

Success Pages

Thank-you pages

Error pages

Download Pages

Member’s Areas

and so on...


In several cases it is a good idea to exclude the page from the search process, and in doing so, to improve the quality of your search results returned to the visitor.


This final step in the Site Search Form creation process allows us to choose pages for exclusion from the search results.





When you arrive at the Step 4 tab, you will see the following settings:





In the center of the screen you’ll see a list of the pages currently featured on this Web site. What we need to do is check the box (immediately to the left of each page title) to select that page for exclusion.


Note: To expand a parent page (to show sub-pages beneath) click the piece_site_search_plus symbol to the left of the page name, in the list.


This illustration shows our thank-you page selected for exclusion in the list. This will mean that it will not be featured in the results list for any searches.


Once you have selected any pages you would like to exclude from your search results you can complete the Search Form creation process.


To finish your search form, and to insert the search box into your web-page (or panel) at the cursor position, simply click the button_site_search_save button. This will save your search preferences and insert the Search box into your Web page / panel.


Note: Remember, as mentioned earlier in this section, the site search box is represented in your page design by a placeholder frame. If at any time you wish to modify your site search settings you may do so by right-clicking on your search box placeholder and selecting ‘Site Search Properties’





Important: You should also note that until you publish your site, all previews of your Site Search Form will use dummy data only. This is because the form uses PHP scripting on the web server to which you publish this site.

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