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When you first arrive at this screen it will look like the picture below:





This screen is a very straightforward one. All we need to do here is select a button image that we would like to use in our page content. This button is going to be what the visitor actually clicks upon to buy your product.


The PayPal wizard comes ready-stocked with a small selection of high-quality ‘buy now’ buttons for you to choose from, but alternatively you may specify your own button graphic should you prefer.



Pre-Supplied Button Selection – To choose a button from the pre-supplied set of ‘buy now’ buttons, simply click the button image in the screen before you. This will select that particular button. You will see that the radio button selector (to the left of each button image) indicates your current button selection at any time.





Custom Button – If you have a specific button graphic that you would rather use (perhaps one with more text, or that better fits your Web page design) then you can easily select that graphic using the controls on this screen.


To choose your own graphic file, first select the “Custom” option at the bottom of the screen:





With this option selected, the image filename text-box (to the right of the option text) is activated and you may now enter the full path to the image file on your local hard disk. If you would rather browse to your image file, click the button_application_image_browse button, next to the filename text-box. This will open a file browser window with which you can browse to, and select your image file using the Image Library tool.



Selecting a file from the Image Library will enter the path to that image file for you, in the image filename text-box, and will set that specific graphic as your PayPal ‘buy now’ button for this particular product.


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