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When you arrive at the fifth and final tab screen in the video wizard, the screen will look like the image below:





In this final screen you can preview your video in a blank browser window, to make sure that your settings are suitable before you finalize the video creation process.


To preview your video, simply click the 'Generate and Preview' button.





Once you have satisfied yourself that the video content is being generated correctly, click the 'Finish' button to complete the video creation process.


This will insert the video content into your Web page at the cursor point.


Note: As with several other elements in XSitePro, video content is represented in the page designer by a placeholder frame with special properties allowing you to access the video settings (see below).




Editing existing video insertions


If you wish to make any changes to videos you have inserted previously, simply right-click on the placeholder frame (described above) and, from the menu that appears, select the 'Video Properties' option to open the settings for this particular video clip.



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