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When you arrive at this step, the screen will resemble that shown below:





In this screen we can modify six pieces of information relating to the file names of our links' pages, along with the meta data that will be used within the pages themselves. The settings are:



Page Title - This text will be the name of the links' pages as appears in the meta data (and in the top-left corner of the visitor's browser window). By default this value is 'Links Page' but it could just as easily be changed to:



Recommended Resources

Our Partners

Related Sites

Link Directory

and so on...



File Name - This is the name of the actual links page filename as will appear in the address-bar of the visitor's browser. This is also the name of the links page HTML file itself. If you change the file extension (.html by default) all of the derivative links' pages (including the categorization pages, etc.) will all use the same extension also.


Note: The filename referred to above is for the top-level links page itself. Sub-pages are generated with derivative filenames based on this main page name.



Menu Text - This is the label for the top-level links page. This is the text that will be used when you feature your links page in any of your navigation menus throughout your site.



Folder - By default the links page is published to your root folder (alongside your home page). If you would like to specify a different folder, you may do so by entering the folder name into this text-box.



Description - The description text will be used on all of your links' pages, and so should be written appropriately. Remember, this data is not visible to visitors but will be read by search engines when visiting your site.



Tip: You can use tokens in the description text-box, and so you can 'tailor' your different links' pages so that the meta data reflects, say, the category of links.



Keywords - The keywords/phrases you enter in this text-box will be those used by the links' pages as the meta keywords. Again, you may use tokens in this field and so a category, or parent category, could be one of your keywords.



Once you have filled out the information on this screen, click the 'Next' button to proceed to the next (and final) step.

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