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When you arrive at this third part in the Pop-up creation process you will see a screen like the one shown below:





The design screen, in tab 3, is where you need to design your Pop-up content (which sits within the window whose settings we adjusted in the previous step).


This is where you get to be incredibly creative, describing your offer, adding calls to action, giving links with which the visitor can act on your incentive, even embedding forms right here in a Pop-up (and yes... the forms wizard is accessible in this design window!).


Take time to create an attention-grabbing message which will compel the visitor to act.


Remember, too, the cardinal rule of keeping your Pop-up content relevant.


You can also use the source tab in this designer window, just as you can within the Designer for the Web pages section of XSitePro, should you prefer.


For more information on using the designer window, see the designer section in this manual.



With your Pop-up designed in the space provided (and to the dimensions you specified in Step 2 of the Pop-up wizard) you may proceed to the next step at this point.



Click the button_application_next to move ahead to Step 4.

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