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Designer Window - On this tab you can enter text or graphics that you want to appear as standard items on each of the pages that are going to be created. This could be just a few lines of text, some markers or whole paragraphs that you plan on customizing once the pages have been created.


For example, in the following screenshots various place markers have been entered and the appropriate styles applied to them (headline, bold, italics, etc). When the pages are created they'd all look exactly like the one below and you would then edit each element to suit the needs of that page, which would mean that the overall look and feel would be maintained across all of the pages (i.e. they'd all have the same style of headline and the price would be in bold italics on each page. The image on each page could be changed to meet the needs of the newly created page, but it would appear in the same place.





Note: As with the previous tab, you can make use of the tokens feature within this screen. For more information about using tokens, see the Tokens Section of this manual.



Once you are happy with your MPC Wizard settings click on the button_multipage_creation_create_pages button and all of your pages will be created and placed in the correct part of your XSitePro Web site.





If you click on any of the new pages in the list on the left you will notice that keywords have been entered correctly in the Keywords for the Web page box on the Info Tab and so has the description. You will also notice that the Show on Site Map box has been checked and the Show on Navigation Menu.



If you click on the Design tab for any of the new pages you will also see that the information you entered on the Main Panel Template has automatically been inserted at the time the page was created and any tokens you used have been converted to the appropriate text.

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