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The settings tab will let you customize your chosen menu in many different ways. The optional settings will vary depending on which graphical menu you have selected.


This powerful feature really lets you fine tune the menus to meet your exact requirements.


Here are just a few of the options you can set:


Menu Width



Text color

Text font

Background color


Hover color

Sub menu color

Sub menu text font

Sub menu text color

Text Alignment



Remember, the options available to you will be different depending which menu style you have chosen in Step 2. For example, if the menu you have chosen doesn’t have a bullet before it, then you won’t be given the option to change the bullet style.



As you make changes to the various menu settings you will be able to see how those changes look in the preview window on the right.


An explanation of exactly what each of the settings relates to appears at the end of this chapter.



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