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When you arrive at the fourth tab screen in the video wizard, the screen will look like the image below:





On this third screen you must decide whether you would like your video to auto-play or not. The options are:



Play Video when the visitor clicks on the play button - This means that the video will remain unstarted until the visitor actually clicks the playback button immediately below the video (shown in the diagram below).





Automatically play the video when a visitor arrives at the page - If this option is selected then the video will start immediately when the page is loaded.


Tip: Use this option with care, and the video will start every time the page is loaded and will quickly become an irritation if the content is in any way inappropriate.



In addition, you can set the video to appear over the navigation menu of your website. Tick the checkbox provided to set the 'wmode' to transparent if you wish for your video to be placed like this.



Having made your selection from the options above, click the 'Next' button to proceed to the next step.

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